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Christmas Diffuser Recipe Blends

Make your own Christmas Diffuser blends!

If you're keen to make your own essential oil blends this Christmas, why not try some of these? You can convert most diffuser blend recipes into safe rollerball recipes by following dilution guidelines, and adding your favourite carrier oil. Another option is room sprays so you can have different scents in different rooms to suit everyone's tastes!

Christmas Potpourri Diffuser Blend

Christmas Potpourri Diffuser Blend DIY Recipe
Here's a lovely Christmas scent that you can easily make for your diffuser or to use with room potpourri. It's one of the many recipes from our 12 Sprays of Christmas DIY kit, and can easily be turned into a Holiday Room Spray. Ingredients needed and instructions are in the kit!

Need some oils?



Candy Canes and Silver Lanes Diffuser Blend

Candy Canes and Silver Lanes Young Living Diffuser Blend DIY Recipe

Here's a very sharp and spicy diffuser blend recipe from Young Living. Guaranteed to wake you up if you're feeling drowsy on Christmas morning!  You can find the oils here:






Vanilla Spice Diffuser Blend

Vanilla Spice Diffuser Blend DIY

If you like the smell of Christmas baking, you will love this recipe. With the familiar scents of Vanilla, Orange and Cinnamon, this diffuser recipe will have you licking your lips and drooling over how good it smells! Even better is the fact that you don't even need to turn your oven on to make the whole house smell Christmassy - who wants to add to the heat at this time of year?!

If you need supplies, you can find your oils here:



 A Letter to Santa Diffuser Blend

A Letter to Santa Diffuser Blend


Another seasonal recipe from Young Living essential oils. For some reason, this blend was reminiscent of a rainforest after the rain - how much more Australian can you get than that?

Head here if you need to buy any of the ingredients to make your own Aussie Christmas blend:
Young Living Joy blend



Holiday Mood Blend

Holiday Mood doTERRA diffuser blend 


Here's a very Christmassy blend from doTERRA. It's not too sweet, not too woodsy, but just right!


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Douglas Fir



White Christmas Blend

White Christmas doTERRA blend


If you're looking for a very traditional Christmas blend, then give this one a go. doTERRA have blended the seasonal favourites of Frankincense and Myrrh with some woodsy scents - try it and tell us what you think!

Grab your oils here:




Douglas Fir


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