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May 01, 2019 1 min read

Depending on which oils you use in your diffuser, sometimes you can get an oily residue left behind.😛 Use a soft cloth to give it a regular wipe around the insides, and in the little indent in the bottom of the diffuser - you can even use a baby wipe if you're out and about. While you're at, give a swipe around the outside too and it will look like new!🎇

If you've used oils which had fragrances in them, or thicker oils (like Frankincense or Myrrh), then you may need to give your diffuser abit more TLC. Did you know that a drop of🍋 lemon oil on a cloth will help to shift gooey oil stains? If it seems clogged and needs a really deep clean however, you can try our suggestions. You don't need to do this deep clean regularly - be guided by the look and performance of your diffuser as to how often you need to do it.