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April 09, 2020 2 min read

Are you confused about using essential oils to help prevent or treat COVID-19? Check out our Essential Oil Education series!

We highly recommend you follow current advice and recommendations from reputable bodies, such as washing your hands with soap and water and maintaining social distancing according to current guidelines.

Covid-19 and essential oils 2  


When you're diffusing oils, they are diluted and not as effective (unless you're using a waterless nebulizer). To help with cold and flu symptoms, you're better off using a personal inhaler or using diluted topical application. 

If you need inhalers, bottles, pots or carriers, check out our range.

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When you're surrounded by uncertainty on all sides, it's only natural to feel worried and anxious. Use essential oils to help you calm those fears down.

Find these and other oils to help with anxiety in our Anxiety Collection.

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Lack of sleep will lower your immune system! Try diffusing essential oils half an hour before bed, or using a roll on, to help you get some rest.

Need some sleepy oils?

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When you've got a sore throat, try adding some essential oils to your natural pain relief routine. You can ease symptoms by steam inhalation, using a personal inhaler, or diluting oils into your favourite carrier and massaging onto the skin around your neck and up to your ears.

Find oils for sore throats here.

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If your head is feeling like it's been stuffed with cotton wool (or worse), try some of these oils to help relieve the congestion! We recommend the use of a personal inhaler or waterless nebulizer for best results. You can also dilute and apply topically to your chest, back and throat area.

Find oils for congestion here.

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