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May 11, 2018 2 min read

Make Mum’s day and give her a handmade gift this Mother’s Day. There’s something ever so sweet about taking a whole day out to simply celebrate Mums and everything they do. There’s no better way to say ‘thanks Mum’ than with a personal gift. I mean, Mums are suckers for a little handmade, love-filled gift-giving, right?

For any Mummas reading this - send the link to your significant other or use these ideas for some sweet gifts for Grandma. Or just like the girl from the Old El Paso taco ad says - why don’t you do both?

Here are some great ideas for gifts that’ll make Mum feel super special and win you some serious brownie points. And what’s more, they’re so sweet she won’t even know they were last-minute ideas!

Handmade Card

Start with a handmade card. Simple yet sweet. Cards are great because kids can choose from all sorts of shapes and sizes and colours. Let them take the reigns and decorate with all of their imagination. If they need a little inspo, check out these great printable cards.

Hand-painted bouquet

The construction of this one can get a little messy but it's oh so worth it for the  end result. Grab some paint, some cute kiddy handprints and voila, a perfect posy that Mum will treasure. The kids just need to draw in the stems of the bouquet, the flowers are made with their cute little paint handprints and you could glue on a bow for effect. Add a sweet note to the back or a poem and this fun craft idea for the kids will be one of the most meaningful gifts for Mum that she can even stick on the wall.

Paddlepop Photo Frames

So. Much. Fun. These were some of my personal favourite handmade gifts as a kid. Buy some paddle pop sticks from your local craft store or some ice-creams from your local supermarket (a much better, more tasty kind of approach if you ask me!). Have the kids glue them together, decorate with paint or even pens and add a family photo to top it off.

'I owe you one, Mum' Coupons

Coupons are like the gifts that just keep on giving. She can save them up for when she's in need of some pampering, or simply a helping hand. Grab some free printable Mother's Day coupons here. Or let the kids create their own masterpieces for Mum. 

Relaxation Ideas 

Give her the gift of relaxation this Mother's Day. The right essential oils can really help you to wind down and relax and what's more - they smell divine. Whether you pop on a nice diffuser or decide to run her a bath, here are some special ways you can use essential oils to help her relax on a well-deserved day off. 

Wishing you all a very happy and relaxed Mother's Day!