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February 06, 2021 5 min read

Do you want to know how to get healthier without having to stick to a gruelling gym schedule or meal plan? At Wellbeing Choices, we believe that healthy living isn't all about having abs or looking extra saucy on your upcoming holiday getaway. To us, healthy living is more about holistic health than a toned butt. Don't get us wrong, we can appreciate a toned butt and feelin' good for holiday photos but we also recognise that being truly healthy is more about how you feel than how you look. 

To us, healthy living is about having the energy to get up and go in the mornings without needing 3 coffees under your belt. It's about taking time out for yourself, checking in with your mental health, keeping fit and eating nutritious foods that make you feel GOOD. Get healthier without an intense gym schedule! Here are some super simple tips to incorporate into your week to make you feel that little bit healthier and happier, without even needing to think about it. 

Hydrate, Hydrate... Hydrate!

Okay, we bang on about this a lot (like a lot, a lot). But for good reason. Keeping hydrated is so important - every part of you needs water! Keeping hydrated keeps your skin glowy, curbs unnecessary food cravings and helps remove waste from the body. And if there's one thing we get super excited about, it's detox! Ensuring that you drink enough water during your day will go a long way toward making you feel happier, healthier and ready to take on the world. Get a water bottle, keep it with you at all times, and get that water intake up. If you find yourself forgetting to drink enough you could even try setting a reminder to drink more water. Sounds silly but it might just be the kick you need to start a nice, new habit. Don't like the taste of plain water? Add a chunk of lemon and it will also help your digestion. Herbal teas count toward your fluid intake, just don't add a pile of sugar! 

Walk It Out

Where you can, choose to say no to public transport or driving. Just a few mornings a week, give the car the day off and choose to walk or bike ride to work or school. It's a nice way to get the kids moving and also a great little time out for yourself if you're on your way to work. If you live too far away to walk or ride, simply park the car a few blocks away and allow yourself a 20 minute walk. Or, if you're using public transport check if there are any options to get off one stop earlier and walk the remaining distance.

If you're on your own, walking is a great way to gather your thoughts for the day. If you're with the kids it can be a really great bonding time! We love listening to our faves on Audible when walking the dog - bonus listening time! If you're stuck at home, get those steps up for the day by incorporating detours through your house when you're on the way to the bathroom. Just keep those feet moving!

Swap The Naughties Out

Nobody is asking you to cut out all of your favourite treats, that would be simply crazy. Am I right? That would also be a sure fire way to end up binging on that favourite treat as soon as the weekend rolls 'round. Nope, you don't need to cut out your favourites entirely, but you do need to recognise that a lot of unhealthy foods don't just lead to weight gain, they generally just make you feel yuck. And no one likes to feel yuck. So instead of reaching for that double choc chip cookie or caramel ice cream, try swapping those naughties with healthier choices that have similar flavours. 

For example, if you're craving caramel, try grabbing a few dates. If you're looking for a choc fix, try making yourself a healthier hot cacao drink (Tried, tested and tastebud approved!). One of our family favourites is chocolate banana pudding - we throw a banana, half an avocado and a medjool date (or a tiny bit of maple syrup) into our thermomix and voila, healthy desert! Lolly lovers - grab some frozen grapes, raspberries and pieces of mango. Yum! Don't eat microwave popcorn filled with fake flavours - dig out your old popcorn maker and fill up on freshly popped goodness while you're Netflixing. There are so many healthy food alternatives just waiting to be discovered. From one lolly, choc, sugar, caramel lover to another, try some of these great food swap ideas!

Get Your Flexy On 

Yoga is a great way to get your muscles moving and add a little exercise into your day without having to plan your whole schedule around it. Yoga is great in that it can be done pretty much anywhere, at any time, and takes as little as ten minutes out of your day. If your schedule is jam-packed and the kids seem to be forever on your back, yoga may just be the exercise solution for you. Boho Beautiful Yoga has plenty of quick, beginner yoga sessions that you can follow along with on YouTube. Yoga can help with your flexibility, muscle soreness and mental health. It's a refreshing practice that can really make you feel 100 times better physically and mentally. Added bonus - get the kids to get their yoga on with you!

Meditate And Find Your Zen

Simply allowing yourself 10 minutes of meditation time a day can do wonders for your mental clarity, it calms the mind and sets you up for a positive day. Not everyone can sit in solitude and silence for hours on end (especially if you have rugrats running around) but practising just a few minutes of meditation a day can lower your blood pressure, relieve anxiety and fight stress. Check out this Meditation 101 article for more info on the benefits of meditation and a simple meditation practice you can try yourself. Namaste. You'll find a few more tips for beating stress and anxiety here.

Set Yourself Goals

Goal setting is the bee's knees. It keeps you accountable and also helps you see how far you've come. Set yourself a goal to go for a walk 3 times during your week, or maybe a goal to take ten minutes out for yourself each and every day. Whatever your goal may be, set it and work at it until you reach it. Share your goals with a friend and keep each other accountable. Go get 'em!


Updated February 2021. Originally posted by Danielle McDonald 2018.