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May 11, 2018 3 min read

Here are our favourite ways to relax with some essential oil goodness. Juggling a busy schedule can be, well, busy! We're all guilty of not taking enough time out to relax and rejuvenate every now and then. Essential oils can be the icing on your relaxation cake and really help you to wind down after a long week (or day... we get it!). Try one of these soothing essential oil remedies next time stress starts to creep up on you. We guarantee you'll be feeling like a million bucks afterwards! Or at least ready to take that busy schedule in your stride.

Diffusing soothing oils

Diffusers are probably the most well-known way of getting some relaxation from essential oils - and for good reason! Diffusers are a really simple yet effective way of utilising the soothing powers of certain oils. You simply add a few drops of your chosen oil and some water to your diffuser and, voila, the machine diffuses it into the air for everyone to enjoy. Whether you're looking to relax or even stimulate your mind, the delicious vapours in the air will work wonders. You'll find plenty of oils that can deliver all kinds of goodness here. Using diffusers in your home or even office can have a lovely effect on the environment and everyone in it.

Bathtime zen

It's hard not to associate a warm bath with relaxation after a long day. But have you considered how you can take your bathtime routine to a whole new level of zen? Consider the calming power of essential oils next time you're running the tub. Their relaxing properties will really help you to wind down and, what's more, they'll have your bathroom smelling like a florist shop!

Before you race off to turn the water on, remember that not all essential oils work the same way. You want to choose an oil like this rose oilthat's well-known for its zen-inducing abilities and also very hydrating for the skin. Don't reach for something like peppermint that can be irritating to the skin! Try diluting your essential oil with a carrier oil like coconut. The bonus here is that coconut oilworks wonders for your skin as well, so mixing the two is a serious win-win. You can read more about dilution and the best oils for your bathtime routine here.

Don't have time for a tub? No worries, try popping a few drops of essential oils onto a face washer and put this on the bottom of your shower. It doesn't sound like a sure-fire way to relax, but trust us it's oh so soothing. If you're more of a shower person this tip is for you. 

Sugar scrub stress-buster

Home-made sugar scrubs are the bomb, just to put it simply. They leave your skin feeling so fresh and smooth. The bonus of making them at home is that you know exactly what's in them - no nasty chemicals or additives in sight. Plus, you get those luxurious pamper package feels without the luxurious price tag. Adding essential oils to your scrub will not only leave you smelling like a flower, they'll help you to wind down and relax.

Stress-Away Sugar Scrub


1 cup of organic sugar

1/2 cup oil (coconut oil is always a winner)

10-15 drops of lavender oil

Mix all of these ingredients in a jar and grab it out once a week for a relaxing treat that your skin will love you for. If you want to be a little fancy, you could even add a sprinkle of dried lavender flowers to your mix.

Do you have any tips on how to use essential oils to relax? We'd love to hear! Let us know in the comments below.