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August 29, 2018 2 min read

With Father's Day just around the corner, tomorrow to be precise (eek!), we've rallied together some last minute gift ideas for Dad that'll make him feel totally spoilt. These are gift ideas so great, in fact, he won't even notice they were last minute.

Breakfast in Bed

Getting breakfast in bed is such a simple yet satisfying act. If the kids aren't quite budding MasterChefs, simply get them to throw together a few veggies and a couple of eggs into a bowl, mix and make a delicious scramble. Pair with some rye toast and avocado and you really can't go wrong! Speaking of avocado... here are some simple avo on toast recipes that you can whip up in a flash.

Bonus points: Have the kids create a little Father's Day Breakfast menu.

Garage Tidy Up

The garage tidy up is one of the most neglected, procrastinated cleaning chores known to mankind. It makes that third drawer in the kitchen look like a breeze to tidy and organise. Luckily, that's what makes the garage tidy-up the perfect last-minute gift idea; it's a big job and one that will certainly NOT go unnoticed. Dad's may pretend like a little mess and clutter doesn't phase them, but what man can resist a perfectly organised tool collection or neat and tidy fishing gear box? 

Make a Special Card 

There's nothing like a little home-made goodness to light up Dad's day. The handmade card might be an oldy, but it'll always be a goody. Try putting a fresh twist on the conventional Father's Day card by using hand paint instead of pens (messier - yes... but more fun all 'round). You could even save a few old toilet rolls and have the kids use these to make a sort of standing card, just cut two slits in the top of the loo roll and it acts as a stand for the card. Putting your own sweet twist on a handmade card really makes it feel extra personal.

Put Together a Gift Bag

Gift bags are such a sweet way to say 'Thanks Dad' with all of his fave things, without having to splash out the big bucks. Get your kids to hustle together a few of Dad's favourite treats, homebaked cookies, essential oils, fishing magazines, whatever he likes. Check out these great 'Secret Stache' stickers and put together a personal little goody bag with a twist. 

Create Dad's Day Coupons

The gift that keeps on givin'. Have the kids come up with all sorts of sweet treats that Dad can redeem at his will during the year. They could be chore related coupons like taking out the rubbish or something a little sweeter like spending the afternoon together or going to the park one morning. Whatever treats the kids come up with, help them pop them into a cute redeemable coupon book. If you don't have the time to make the entire coupon book, check out this free printable version that the kids can make their own.