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September 29, 2018 3 min read

It's that time of year once again, so here are some alternative school holiday activities to keep the kids occupied in a healthy kind of way. Forget taking the kids to the movies or theme parks, these quirky activities are the Wellbeing Choices kind of school holiday projects. 

1. Rollerball Potion Creations

Essential oils have SO many great uses and health benefits, have you ever just wished you could get your kids interested in them? Try getting them involved and making their very own essential oil rollerballs. If they love fairy tales as most kids do, they will love this Rollerball DIY Kit!

Essential oils can be very potent so this kit is created specifically with little ones in mind. Designed for kids ages 3 months to 12 years of age, this kit includes recipes that are age appropriate, safe and effective, and all the recipes are worked out by a certified aromatherapist to proper dilution ratios for safe use of oils with children.

Get them to create their very own 'potions' and magic recipes, they'll love getting hands-on and having a rollerball made and designed all by themselves!

2. Sweet Essential Oil Recipes

Try creating essential oil diffuser blends yourself, it's fun to mix delicious scents and create your very own special blends that both you and the kids can enjoy. There's plenty of diffuser blend recipes online, you could check out our Instagram page for inspo or even grab one of these special recipe booklets.

Blending your own oils means that you can tweak it and add oils that cater specifically to any need that you might be looking to address. For instance, you might like to add lavender for relaxation or a more citrus focussed oil to wake you up. Blending your own single oils is also super costeffective. If you're looking to add any newbies to your collection you can check out our whole range here.


3. Whip Up Some Cleaning Products

A sneaky way to get the kids involved in a little household cleaning. Put a fun twist on the usual cleaning routine with eco-friendly cleaning products that the kids can actually make themselves. 

You'd be really surprised, ask them to tidy up their room and you may as well have just asked your child to give up their left arm, ask them to concoct a potion that cleans the house in a toxin-free, friendly way and they're in. Kids are strange. But there is something seriously satisfying about using natural products to create your own highly effective cleaning products. Maybe the kids just get this too. 

Take a look at these Green Cleaning Tips and see if you can get the kids involved in whipping together their very own cleaners. They could be your household superheroes of green cleaning - with their very own grime-fighting concoctions. Whatever keeps them happy and gets them helping around the house - right?

4. Start Making Your Christmas Gifts Early

Ok, ok, we know, Christmas is so far away. Right? Wrong. Christmas, as it does every year, is destined to creep up and get here before you even know it. Keep on top of your Christmas gift giving this year and start making a few cutesy gifts early. 

From sweet bath bombs to hand creams to bath salts. There's nothing like giving a handmade gift, one that's all natural is even BETTER. School teachers, Grandmas, and aunts inherently just love a good handmade bath treat. 

So you could get organised and get the kids onto the Chrissy gifts early - here are our favourite all natural DIY bath products along with tips on how to take your gift designs to the next level. 

5. Make A Splash

Kids love bath bombs. It's a fact of life. But have you ever considered what they could be made of? Some have unnatural ingredients in them that can be harmful to your skin. To avoid any nasties, you could try making your very own bath bomb with the kids using essential oils. We have a handful of great bath bomb recipe sheets to give away! Use the code: SPLASH at the checkout to receive your FREE sheet. Stocks are limited so they'll only be available for the first 25 customers. 

How are you planning on surviving the school holiday period? What do you like to do with the kids in their school break? Let us know in the comments below!