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June 12, 2019 1 min read

Sometimes we need help to get rid of those pesky nightmares, other times we wish we could just put our brain on pause so we could finally get to sleep! You've probably tried Lavender or Roman Chamomile or Vetiver, and none of them helped you drift off or stay in peaceful slumber. We get it!

We've collated some of our favourite sleepy DIY blends here so you can try them out and make your very own collection of sleeping potions. Handy tip - if you find a recipe you really like, make up a bigger quantity in a dropper bottle. You can then add a few drops from that to your diffuser, or add some to a roller bottle and dilute it with carrier oil. If you're using oils topically, make sure to follow recommended dilution guidelines.

If you really can't get motivated to make your own blends, then check out our great range of Sleep products here. Sleep well!

Bedtime Diffuser blend
Sweet Dreams Diffuser blend