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August 17, 2018 3 min read

If you haven't heard of dry brushing before, then listen up, and let us tell you all of the benefits of dry body brushing for your skin. With all the hype around dry body brushing, we wanted to check it out for ourselves. And, of course, share with all of you what we've learned about the benefits of dry body brushing for your skin.

Your skin is the largest organ of your body so giving it a little extra care can go a long way to improving your overall wellbeing. Your skin helps remove waste, aids in digestion and even has an impact on your circulation. Dry body brushing has several benefits not just for your skin but for your overall health. It takes just a few minutes each day and is totally free (once you get the brush, of course).

So, what is dry body brushing?

Dry brushing is just that - it's the process of brushing your dry skin in a particular pattern, usually before jumping in the shower. Dry body brushing is usually performed beginning at your feet and working your way up toward your chest. With its growing popularity, you'll notice that even spas are now offering dry body brushing as a treatment on many menus.

Benefits of dry body brushing

Stimulate the Lymphatic System

Dry body brushing actually works to stimulate your lymphatic system. Your lymphatic system is essentially a network of tissues and organs that help transport waste out of your body. Many Lymph vessels run just below the skin's surface and so dry body brushing can stimulate your lymph gland performance. 

Exfoliate Skin

This is an ideal way to get softer, shinier skin - faster. The process of dry body brushing removes dead skin cells, naturally revealing your brighter skin. Exfoliating your skin has a number of health benefits of its own which you can read even more about here. You could also try exfoliating with this all-natural sugar scrub once a week to really lift those dead skin cells and leave your skin feeling fresh.

Reduce Cellulite?

There have been many claims that dry body brushing actually reduces the appearance of cellulite. These claims are kind of unstudied, at best. But hey, with all of the other health benefits associated with dry body brushing the possibility of removing a little cellulite on top of all of these is just a bonus in our books. Dry body brushing improves blood flow, breaks down the toxins just below the skin and helps stimulate cells. The theory behind dry brushing reducing cellulite is that these effects can help shift those stubborn little pockets of fat that cause cellulite. We make no promises, but we can confirm that a number of friends have reported back with good cellulite fighting results from dry body brushing. 

Get Some Me-Time

Turn dry body brushing into a part of your morning routine. Make it like a little 5 minute ritual for yourself. The process is oh-so-relaxing and will often give you a little energy boost in the morning. 

How to dry body brush

  1. Begin your dry body brushing in circular motions, starting from your feet and working your way up towards your heart. 
  2. Brush each leg then move onto your stomach, back, each arm and finally chest.
  3. Don't use a dry body brush on your face as the bristles will be too harsh on your softer facial skin.
  4. Be extra gentle and avoid any areas where you may have scratches or irritation.
  5. Never brush too hard, your skin shouldn't be red or sore from brushing - use a technique that works best for you.
  6. After brushing, your skin may be in need of a little extra rehydration - be sure to use a nice nourishing, natural moisturiser like coconut oil or jojoba oil which your skin will love you for.

If you have sensitive skin this morning habit may not be one for you to take on board. At Wellbeing Choices, we're all about doing more of what makes us feel good and less of what doesn't. If dry body brushing leaves your skin irritated, then don't continue the process, maybe give it a lick of coconut oil instead just to keep it happy. Always remember not to brush too hard and to listen to your body if it feels irritated. 

You can buy great dry body brushes from online stores like Nourished Life.