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September 14, 2018 3 min read

These are the best organisation apps that will transform your phone into a personal assistant/time tracker/accountant/LIFESAVER. Let's face it, we're all pretty busy these days. Whether you have your own business, a family to take care of, studies to think about or you're just generally trying to juggle your day-to-day schedule, these apps will give you a little helping hand.

Being constantly connected to a smartphone can be tiring but with these apps, you can put your smartphone to work for you and take a bit of pressure off your busy day. 


This is a great little task handler that can really help you get your week together. Input everything you need to achieve for the week and it will organise your calendar with to-dos and even notify you when you need to get tasks done. You can centralize your calendar, to-do lists and notes all in this one handy spot.

The app is free for IOS and Android and will even calculate travel times for meetings and give you weather predictions depending on your current location.

 24ME Organisation App24ME Organisation App_1


There's nothing worse than finding an interesting article online that you don't have time to read immediately and then end up forgetting about later. Evernote is a simple tool that allows you to put all of your great reads (amongst other things) into one place to indulge in when you've got more time. What's better, you can even categorise all of your saved articles and notes into files so that you can easily find them again, you can add tags to any saved items as well.

This app is free for IOS and Android. It stores all kinds of notes, lists, articles and photos and has a sleek interface that makes it super easy to use and organise. Winning!

Evernote Organisation AppEvernote Organisation App_1


If you run your own business or simply just have a lot going on (let's face it, who doesn't these days?), Timelogger provides an easy way to track where your time is being spent. Just log your weekly tasks onto the app, assign them a group and then you can keep an eye on how much time you're spending on each task and each group of tasks. You'd be surprised to see where the majority of your time is actually going!

This app is free and available for both IOS and Android

Timelogger Time Tracking AppTimelogger Time Tracking App_1

Flat Tomato

Procrastinators: LISTEN UP. This app may just change the game forever. Have you ever felt like you've got so much on your plate that you just don't know where to begin?... So you, err, you don't begin? Don't worry, we've all been there. Flat Tomato prompts you to choose a task you'd like to get done and then simply encourages you to work on that task until the timer rings (25minutes) and then take a short break.

You'll be very surprised how much you achieve in those solid 25minute blocks. Kill procrastination in its track with this app. 

Flat Tomato is available free for IOS only - a great Android-friendly alternative is Clockwork Tomato.

Flat Tomato Pomodoro AppFlat Tomato Pmodoro App_1


With the new financial year just beginning, this is a great app to get onto ASAP. Organise all of your expenses in one easy to find spot. Keep a track of your spending, receipts and any business travel (for those lucky ones!). This app makes it easy to save and organize your business expenses, simply snap a photo of your receipt and let Expensify take care of the rest. With an in-app purchase, it will extract all of the necessary info (with a 'SmartScan') and file the relevant details of your expenditures (however, you do get 5 FREE 'SmartScans' per month).

Even without any in-app purchases, it's a super handy tool to have. You can scan receipts (and store as a photo) rather than keeping them in a messy shoebox all year, track any work hours spent for invoicing, and manually input receipts as well. Then, generate a report with all of your spendings so you can see exactly what you've spent and where! This app is so easy to use and makes tax time a whole lot nicer to handle. 

This app is available for IOS and Android. It's free to download and use, however, does have in-app purchases. 

Expensify Expense Tracking AppExpensify Expsense Tracking App_1

Do you have any go-to organisation apps? These are our favourite but, alas, we're always looking for ways to supercharge our time and energy so let us know in the comments below what your favourite organisation apps are.