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July 06, 2018 2 min read

The cooler weather along with a little less sunlight can have a real effect on our wellbeing. The 'winter blues' are a real issue among many people and if you're feeling a little more sluggish than usual you certainly aren't alone. Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) is a type of depression felt in the chilly months that can cause irritability, moodiness and fatigue. Colder countries that see negative temperatures, snow and almost zero hours of sunlight are more affected than many of us in Aus. But that's not to say that we should overlook the issue entirely. If you've been feeling like a bit of a lost-puppy / couch-potato this winter, don't fear because you're not alone. Here are some simple ways you can beat those winter blues.

Get in some sunshine

If you're heading straight to the office in the mornings and then not getting home until the sun has already begun to set, there's a chance that you could be low on vitamin D. Make sure you're getting at least 20 minutes of sunshine a day. Grab your lunch and sit in the park or simply drink your cuppa by a sunny window in the mornings.

Keep up your exercise 

Exercising during winter can be tricky; it's cold outside, your bed is warm and the gym is just not so enticing. But keeping active during winter is one of the best ways to keep your mind (and body) healthy. Set your alarm just 30 minutes earlier and get in a quick walk before work. You'll set your day up for success and come out on the other side of winter feeling healthier and happier. 

Eat right

Watch what you're eating. More than ever, winter is a time to keep your vitamins and minerals up. Enjoy healthy nutrient-rich fruits and vegetables and avoid foods high in processed sugars and refined carbs. These foods can make many of us sluggish at the best of times, so during winter be a little more conscious of what makes you feel good and what doesn't. And consume more of the good stuff!

Winter oils 

Essential oils can go a long way toward helping fight off any nasty illnesses during winter. There are oils that can help boost your immune system, remove toxins from the body and just generally make you feel a whole lot better. We have a whole section of essential oilsdedicated to helping you feel that bit better during the cooler months. 

Don't let winter get the best of you, try out these little tips that will have you feeling a whole lot better.