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February 02, 2019 3 min read

Here's how to do Valentine's Day the Wellbeing Choices way. Here at Wellbeing Choices we think that any reason to celebrate love MUST be a good one.

We get it though, the Valentine's Day sceptics may not be totally wrong. It's true, you certainly don't need one specific day to show your sweetheart how much you love them. But it does stand as a nice reminder to show your special someone how much you care.

Valentine's Day needn't be reserved only for those in happy relationships, no sir-ey. Valentine's is all about showing how much you love and care about the special people in your life. That might be your best friend, your mum, or maybe your sister. Use February 14 as a reminder to show ALL of the sweethearts in your life that they mean a whole lot to you.

So, How Did It All Begin?

Valentine's Day

Did you know that Saint Valentine is said to have begun the tradition of Valentine's Day around A.D 270? One legend paints St. Valentine as a priest who nobly went against his emperor's orders, in third century Rome, in the name of love. Another legend portrays a tale of a prisoner who fell in love with a young girl who would visit him in his cell. The story suggests that one of his final letters to her before his death was signed; 'Your Valentine'.

There are plenty of theories surrounding the origins of this day and how it originally came about. The history of Valentine's Day dates back hundreds of years and is steeped in Roman, Catholic and Victorian England rituals and traditions. Regardless of the traditions, make Valentine's Day special in your own way!

Show Them You Care With A Handmade Gift

Valentines Day Homemade Gifts

There's always something sweet about making a handmade gift. DIY gifts allow you to put your own twist on the usual holiday presents. People appreciate the things that you've taken the time to make yourself rather than just picked up from the store. Here is a great Buzzfeed article with plenty of ideas that will help you to create the PERFECT 'I love you' gift.

Another way to say 'I love you'? Through their stomachs. Don't head to the candy aisle or even over to the local bakery. Bake up your own sweet treats, made with more love and fewer nasties! Try your hand at making these cute Strawberry Bliss Balls!

Ways To Say I Love You Without Spending A Penny

Thoughtful Valentines Day Activities

Whether it's something handmade or thoughtfully chosen from a store, there are also plenty of ways to show how much you care without giving a physical 'gift' at all.

You could write a few sweet and thoughtful notes for the special people in your life. You could even put together a Valentine's Day scavenger hunt with riddles and love notes for your sweetheart to find and decipher. Rather than going to a fancy restaurant you could plan a lovely walk at sunset or bike ride through your local park. Anything that's a little sweet, thoughtful and out of your regular routine is sure to spark the romance this Valentine's.

A Wellbeing Choices Valentine's Day

Valentines Day Gift Ideas

Paired with a simple handmade creation and a nice gesture, these sweet gifts could be the icing to your Valentine's Day Cake! If you're looking to give your nearest and dearest something that shows how much you care, check out our favourite Valentine's gift ideas. Soothing essential oils are the perfect gift for this holiday. Whether you're searching for your Mum, Sister, Husband or Wife, what better way to say 'I love you' than with a little essential oil goodness? We have specifically picked blends that enhance relaxation, tranquillity, love and romance.

Essential oils truly are the gift that keeps on giving, providing soothing scents that work to improve your mood and relax your mind. We guarantee our sumptuous blends will have them feeling very loved!

Whoever you're showing your love for, we'd love to know what Valentine's Day looks like for you. Is it a simple batch of heart-shaped cookies for the family or perhaps a beach walk with your honey? Let us know in the comments below.