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May 25, 2018 2 min read

Here are some great tips on how to keep your glowy skin during the cooler months. Cosy jumpers, hot chocolates and ugg boots sure go a long way toward making winter that bit more bearable. But between cool winds, chilly outside temps and toasty heating indoors, winter can really take its toll on your skin. Be sure to change up your usual skincare routine to one that's a little more tailored to the winter weather. 

Keep Hydrated

We all know that your skin tends to dry out during winter, but rather than just slapping on extra moisturiser make sure you're hydrated from the inside out. This is particularly important to remember during winter as we don't tend to drink as much water when it's cool. Try buying yourself a big one-litre water bottle and set yourself a goal to drink two of those a day. Even try swapping your usual coffee for a super hydrating green tea instead.

Pay a little extra attention to your diet as well. This could be the key to your glowy complexion. Take a look at these top 22 foodsto eat to combat dry, wintery skin.

Avoid Hot Showers

If you want that glowy skin that you deserve this winter, you're going to have to go easy on the hot showers and baths. As relaxing and rewarding as it is to come home to a hot shower after a cold wintery day, experts say they can do more damage than good to your skin. 

Dr. Melda Isaac, founder and director ofMI Skin Dermatology and Laser Center in Washington, D.C., told HuffPost, that water that’s too hot actually dehydrates our skin. 

If you really can't resist the temptation of a hot shower, be sure to moisturise right afterwards, while your skin is still damp to seal in as much moisture as you can. 

Treat Yo'Self

Winter is a great time to book in that long-awaited facial. Get glowy skin with a professional treatment designed to combat the winter weather and a duller complexion. Winter is actually the perfect time to treat your skin to some spa time because it's easier to stay out of the harsh sun after treatments. 

Take a Bath  

Run a warm bath (not too hot!) and add some hydrating oils that your skin will really thank you for. Essential oils such as rose and sandalwood can be really soothing on your skin. If you're feeling a little red or dry, try adding a few drops to your bath water. Natural oils such as coconut and jojoba are also great alternatives to average supermarket moisturisers. Take a nice bath with your favourite essential oil and then let your skin soak up some coconut oil right after and we guarantee you'll be on your way to keeping your glowy skin year-round.

Do you have any extra tips on how you keep your year-round glow? Let us know in the comments below!