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Aroma Snooze Sleep Aid Vaporiser

Having a difficult time getting your little ones to snooze through the night? Whether it's due to coughs and colds, an overactive imagination, bad dreams, toilet habits, or separation anxiety, your kids are losing sleep and so are you!

So you go online and shop for a vaporiser safe enough for babies and children. But, where do you even start?

Save yourself the hassle of browsing over hundreds of vaporiser. This Aroma Sleep Aid Vaporiser by Lively Living is an all-in-one sleep solution that will have your tiny tots fall asleep quicker, sleep sounder, and wake up brighter!

This device wasn't just made for convenience, there's a science to it! Taking full advantage of how colour and sound affects sleep quality, this vaporiser features a red/orange LED light which stimulates the production of melatonin- a hormone that lets our body know when it's time to hit the sack.

Every child is different and so we present 5 different sound and music tracks so they can go with what soothes them the best. Rock-a-bye Baby and Pink Noise are extremely popular for kids while adults and seniors might favour the hypnotic rain sound.

Are your kids on the clingy side and can't sleep without you around? Just hearing your comforting voice can make the difference! Equipped with a voice recorder, this device lets you do a 30-sec recording of you singing or cooing. Play it on a continuous loop to help lull your children to sleep!

Wait, that's not the best part yet! We know choosing the best vaporiser is only half the battle so we've thrown in a bottle of Organic Aroma Snooze Remedy essential oil blend for free!


Aroma Bloom Diffuser - Wood look

The Aroma Blooms have always been extremely popular, and this latest addition has outshone them all. With a wood look base and cream coloured lid, this Bloom will make a stunning addition to your decor. It has the same Warm or Cool 'breathing' light options as the Aroma Jewel, as well as the colour changing lights. A beautiful fit for any design!

Aroma Elm Diffuser

The Aroma Elm has the longest running time of all the diffusers, as well as a timer function. Inspired by the strength and durability of the Elm tree, the Elm diffuser comes in a choice of five colours and finishes so it will fit in perfectly with your decor. It features 'breathing' lights as well as colour changing options, which you can set or turn off completely. The Metallic White Elm has a white lid which allows more light to shine through, making it perfect for those who prefer having a brighter nightlight. The other 4 Elms have a dark lid which allows a softer light. With up to 10 hours on normal mist mode, or up to 20 hours on low mist, this is the perfect diffuser for bedrooms or large spaces.

Aroma Jewel Diffuser

The Aroma Jewel was originally a 'one off' design, but proved to be so popular that it has become one of the icons of Lively Living's diffuser range. Each handcrafted glass outer cover has a unique swirl pattern featuring gold, turquoise and sea green. It has a range of features including three intermittent mist functions, and you can choose from warm light, cool light or colour changing options. While it makes for a stunning centrepiece, it truly shines in the evening with surrounding ambient lighting that allows the vivid colours to shine through the glass. This diffuser is guaranteed to become the envy of your friends!

My children have dubbed the Jewel the 'dragon egg' due to its shape and the glowing lights from within. As yet however, no baby dragon has emerged!

Aroma Swirl Diffuser

The Aroma Swirl diffuser has a beautiful glass outer cover featuring swirls of colour which are a talking point even if your diffuser is not on! The covers themselves are handmade so each one has unique patterns. The colour changing lights make it a gorgeous focal point in the evening, or perfect as a night light. The light can be set to stay on a specific colour or completely switched off if desired.

Aroma Aquila Diffuser

Who thought choosing a simple diffuser can be so complicated? With hundreds of makes and models out there, choosing the best one for your home can be a bit confusing!

If you want something that's easy to use and requires just a bit of water and a few drops of oil, then an ultrasonic diffuser is your best bet. This particular one gives a whopping 6 to 10 operating hours and guarantees safety with its auto-switch off feature.

Along with its impressive range of features starting with the 3D glass cover, the real magic happens at night when it's illuminated. Watch it explode into a mesmerising display of colours as brilliant as the constellation that inspired it. Ready to call it a night? Switch the light off for a relaxing sleep as it continues to disperse mist!

Aroma Mod Diffuser

The Aroma Mod is the latest, cutest little diffuser to arrive. Its tiny size means that it's very easily transportable and can fit almost anywhere - even in your car cup holder if you have an expandable one (please measure it first). It has a USB power cord with wall adapter so you can plug it in no matter where you are. Available in a choice of three modern colours, each of the mods have a subtle strip of colour changing lights which you can also set or turn off.

Hot pinkMetallic grey / blackWhite / black

Aroma Fern Diffuser

Bring "nature" home with this beautifully designed diffuser from Lively Living!

This multi-functional diffuser is made with a ceramic outer cover which will adorn any home beautifully. The cover will not let light shine through, but has a unique thin strip at the base, emitting a small amount of light that is at once warm and relaxing. Can't bear any light at all while you sleep? No problem! It will continue to diffuse even with the light switched off.

Besides creating a relaxing atmosphere with aromatherapy and purifying the air, this decorative piece is also an excellent addition to any rustic chic interior as well as contemporary spaces! Available in a beautiful leafy design in green or taupe / stone colour.

Scroll down to see all the benefits and features!


Aroma Flare Diffuser

The Aroma Flare is ideally designed to fit in at work or anywhere at home. The Metallic White Flare has a choice of white light creating an ambient glow, or colour changing light. The Grey, Wood and Rose Flares have colour changing lights that shine through the fins, perfect for creating the right mood. You can rotate through the colours, set your favourite one, or switch it off altogether.

Aroma Dream Diffuser

Feeling frazzled at the end of a hard day? This modern diffuser from Lively Living is a natural way to relieve stress and unwind.

A user-friendly ultrasonic diffuser/vapouriser, it is conveniently compact yet packs quite a punch with its multifunctionality. Indulge in a soothing colour therapy, refreshingly clean and purified home atmosphere, and the relaxing benefits of aromatherapy.

On top of encouraging a good night's sleep, enhancing your mood, and promoting your overall health and wellbeing, this charming diffuser also makes for a minimalist yet beautiful centrepiece in your home!

This beautiful diffuser has a wood-look base with white matte lid, to let the colours shine through. For further information as to it's functions, please see below!

Aroma Rose Diffuser

The Aroma Rose is a cute little diffuser that's perfect for travel, sitting on your desk, or in any small space. The colour changing lights are fascinating to watch and simply make the Rose look even cuter, sure to be a talking point at work! The Aroma Rose comes with a travel bag and a handy USB power option.

This little diffuser has affectionately been dubbed the 'cupcake' by a lot of people, but we would like to point out that it is not in fact edible!

Aroma Lily Diffuser

The Aroma Lily diffuser has an elegant design which fits perfectly into your decor. It comes in three soft, pastel colour varieties, all of which feature colour changing lighting options.

Aroma Dew - Wood look diffuser

Resembling a dew drop, the Aroma Dew is a natural, eco look diffuser that helps create a relaxing, ambient atmosphere. The transparent lid lets the colour changing lights shine through, or you can choose your favourite colour (or no light at all). A gorgeous centrepiece for a table, buffet or anywhere that it will be noticed.

Aroma Sky Diffuser

The Aroma Sky brings the beauty of the night sky to your home. Children and adults alike love watching the colour changing lights shining out through the decorative holes in the ceramic outer cover. Watch the colours change, set it to your favourite colour, or turn the light off while sleeping - ideal!

The Aroma Sky's ceramic outer cover currently has the 'original star pattern' with the cut outs arranged in an even pattern around the cover.

Please note that we are unable to send the Aroma Sky via Express Post.

Aroma Lily Diffuser - Gold Grain

The Aroma Lily in Gold Grain is a very elegant and decorative diffuser that will definitely be noticed. With the white light on, the gold grain is enhanced and looks even more stylish.

Aroma O'mm Diffuser

The O'mm was the first Eco feel diffuser in the Lively Living range - featuring real bamboo and two light intensity settings. It has an ageless, elegant look and feel, and can be run without a light, perfect for night time.