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IonCleanse Foot Tub Liners

The liners can be used with the IonCleanse® foot tub, or any comparably sized basin. The liners are clear plastic so that you can easily see the fill line when adding water to your IonCleanse® foot tub. There are 30 liners per box.

Your IonCleanse footbath comes with a box of liners to help you keep that clean, fresh look of your tub. Did you know that you can re-use those liners if it’s for personal use? Simply empty your tub after a footbath session and wash the liner out with warm water. You may need to gently rub at any stains on the sides. Empty any water out and then set aside to air dry – if there is water in the tub underneath the liner then you will need to either dry the tub, or air the liner separately. Liners can be re-used this way for several sessions, depending on the accumulation after each footbath.

This is not recommended in a clinical setting or where footbaths will be shared by multiple users.