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Palmarosa, Cedarwood Atlas, Citronella, Tea Tree, Geranium Bourbon, Marjoram Sweet, Coriander

While most school-aged children aren't a big fan of sharing, they do tend to share a few things including head lice. Yikes!

The thing is, lice can easily spread via head-to-head contact at school, in the gym, playground, slumber parties, camps, or even during sports. And telling your kids to consciously avoid such head-to-head contact is like telling the wind to stop blowing. Not gonna happen.

Instead, keep the nasty critters away using Plant Therapy's Get 'Em Gone blend! 100% natural, safe, and gentle to use on children ages 2-10, this blend is made up of pure essential oils known to soothe the scalp and relieve itchiness.

Instead of using harsh insecticide-fortified shampoo or over-the-counter treatments, try adding 7 drops to a teaspoon of shampoo and gently massage on their hair and scalp. Use a fine tooth comb to spread and let sit in the hair for 15 minutes. Rinse and repeat if necessary.

A DIY hair and scalp spray of 2% Get 'Em Gone and 1% Polysorbate or Solubol (emulsifiers) in 120ml of water should also help prevent those pesky cootie bugs! Just shake well, spray into your child's hair in the morning and leave in. The spray will last for a week in the fridge.

Child Friendly - Safe Essential Oils for Kids at Wellbeing Choices


Cymbopogon martini (Palmarosa), Cedrus atlantica (Cedarwood Atlas), Cymbopogon winterianus (Citronella), Melaleuca alternifolia (Tea Tree), Pelargonium x asperum ( Geranium Bourbon), Origanum majorana (Marjoram Sweet), and Coriandrum sativum (Coriander).

Based in Twin Falls, Idaho, Plant Therapy was established in 2011 and is a leading supplier of organic essential oils, carrier oils, pre-diluted roll-ons, and more. All of their oils are 100% pure and free from any additives, adulterants or dilutions. One of their most beloved lines is a collaboration with Robert Tisserand for KidSafe Synergies. KidSafe is a line of essential oils specially developed for children ages 2-10.

How to use KidSafe Essential Oils


Add 2-4 drops of essential oil to your diffuser after having added water to the fill line. Some oils may require 4-8 drops to be added.


Add 5-10 drops of your chosen KidSafe essential oil to a personal inhaler for your child to inhale as needed.

Topical Application

Dilute in your preferred carrier oil at a 2-4% ratio and apply to the chest, back of neck, and/or wrists.

Safety Cautions

Essential oils are natural, but they are also concentrated. We recommend following basic safety precautions when using your oils:

  • Essential oils should not be ingested, unless it is under the guidance of a suitably qualified practitioner.

  • Do not use oils undiluted on the skin, unless the instructions permit otherwise. Many oils can cause irritation when placed directly on skin, particularly on sensitive areas such as the eyes or mouth. Some oils (particularly those in the citrus family) can cause photosensitivity if used prior to going out in the sun - please check instructions carefully.

  • If you are pregnant or breastfeeding, you should consult your healthcare practitioner prior to using essential oils. As a general guideline, oils should be avoided for the first four months of pregnancy and never used undiluted. Some oils should be avoided during pregnancy: Bay, Basil, Cedar wood, Clary Sage, Comfrey, Cypress, Fennel, Ginger, Hyssop, Jasmine, Juniper, Lemongrass, Marjoram, Melissa, Myrrh, Peppermint, Rose, Rosemary, Sage & Thyme.

  • Children can be particularly affected by essential oils. Some oils should not be used in children under the age of 7, and specific dilution ratios are recommended depending on the essential oil and the age of the child. We recommend consulting an appropriate practitioner prior to using oils on children.
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