Sleep and Relaxation Solutions

This is our favourite collection! Essential oils that will help you feel calm and relaxed, get to sleep or stay asleep. While Lavender oil is fabulous, not everybody tolerates it, so you'll even find some Lavender free blends here. Scents have been proven to help with anxiety and stress reduction and what better to try than natural aroma oils? If you're using oils to help children settle down, make sure to check for our Child Safe logo!

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Sleep Blend 10ml - ECO Aroma


Dream Drops Blend 10ml - ECO Aroma


Sleep Trio Pack - ECO Aroma


Tranquility Blend 10ml - ECO Aroma


Gentle Baby 5ml - Young Living


Stress Away 15ml - Young Living


Nighty Night 10ml KidSafe Organic - Plant Therapy


Calming the Child 10ml KidSafe Organic - Plant Therapy


Sweet Dreams - KidSafe - Plant Therapy

$17.91 – $30.51

Calming the Child Roll On 10ml - Kidsafe - Plant Therapy


Sleep Better Diffuser Blend 9ml - Tisserand


Sweet Slumber - KidSafe - Plant Therapy

$17.91 – $21.51

Sleep Better Roller Ball 10ml - Tisserand


Total De Stress Roller Ball 10ml - Tisserand


The Little Box of Relaxation - 3 x 10ml Rollerballs - Tisserand


Sleep Tight Synergy Blend - Plant Therapy

$16.11 – $25.11