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TMR Study of ATEC Changes with the IonCleanse® by AMD

TMR Study 2 Whitepaper – ATEC Changes with the IonCleanse® by AMD

IonCleanse® by AMD use for women with Myasthenia Gravis

Facebook Groups

Facebook group for IonCleanse by AMD for Autism

Facebook group for IonCleanse by AMD for Everybody

Facebook group for IonCleanse by AMD for MG


Autism Treatment & Recovery Global Summit 2018 – Gennette Huber

Detoxification: The Critical Step in Autism Treatment – Dr. Sonia ODonnell McGowin and Luminara Serdar 2017 (you need to be a member of the facebook group IonCleanse by AMD for ASD to access this video)

TACA 2016 – Dr Tracy Fritz on detoxification and autism treatment protocols (IonCleanse section starts at 34 minutes)

Better Health Guy 2016 – IonCleanse by AMD with Tyler Dahm

Klinghardt Academy 2016 – Klinghardt Solutions: Using the Ion Cleanse Foot Bath for Autism and Lyme

Autism One 2016 Webinar – Detoxifying Across Barriers: Harnessing the Power of Ions Tyler Dahm & Sonia O’Donnell McGowin, DC

TACA Webinar 2016 – Glenn Wilhelm, Tyler Dahm, and Sarah Carrasco

Autism One 2015 Webinar – Neill Moroney & Tyler Dahm – Detoxing Beyond Barriers: Why IonCleanse® Technology Should Be the 1st Step in Your Treatment Plan

TMR Webinar 2015 – Thinking Moms’ Revolution presents Detoxing Beyond Barriers with IonCleanse by AMD

Other Information / Troubleshooting

IonCleanse® Solo® Quick Start Guide

IonCleanse® Solo® Instruction Guide

IonCleanse® Premier® Instruction Guide

When do I change my plates?

If you don’t see any colour change

AMD – FAQs on the IonCleanse®

AMD Customer Service page

AMD YouTube Channel

Detoxr – App for tracking your progress with the IonCleanse, available on the App Store.