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An Open Letter to Our Customers

An Open Letter to Our Customers

We’ve recently had some rather major issues occur with our 12 year old disabled son, and as a result we've been struggling to stay on top of things. Unfortunately these issues will be ongoing, and have had a huge impact on our family and business. So we’ve regretfully made the decision to discontinue the essential oil side of our business.

We will still be supporting our footbath customers, as we continue to be the Australian distributors for the IonCleanse by AMD. However we will be selling off our stocks of essential oils, diffusers and accessories, and not offering them in future.

We realise that a lot of our customers are starting their Christmas shopping, and we don't want to leave you in the lurch. If there is something that you would like to buy but we have run out of, please let us know. We can invoice you and order it in for you, as long as we have received your order by 15th November. All special orders will be final - you will need to pay upon receipt of the invoice and once you've paid, we will organise to get your goods to you. Our usual payment methods and shipping rates will apply.

For now you can still accrue points in our Rewards Program and can redeem earned points and coupons. This will all have to finish soon so please remember to check your points balance!

Thank you to all our customers for having supported our business in the past. While we may not be able to help you with essential oils anymore, we will still be here for your IonCleanse needs.


16th October 2020