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Why have you charged my credit card or sent me a Direct Debit Request?

Credit Card payments

We offer a number of payment methods through our checkout, including credit card payments. As our store is based on the Shopify platform, Shopify takes care of the payment details if you choose to pay via credit card. Any charges we make on your credit card will show up as:


This shows you that your payment was handled by SP (Shopify) for the store Wellbeing Choices. Here is a screenshot of what it might look like on your bank statement (this includes our location which is in White Hills, Bendigo):

Screenshot of credit card line

Unknown Charges / Direct Debit requests

We have had quite a number of inquiries from people who have had a charge on their credit card, in the name of "Wellbeing Choices Australia". These people have never heard of us so are naturally curious as to why they have a charge for several hundred dollars from us on their credit card! Well, interestingly enough, it turns out that there is a company by the name of Marie Stopes International, who uses the company name "Wellbeing Choices Australia" when they put through their credit card requests.

So if you have a charge on your credit card from Wellbeing Choices Australia, rest assured that it's not us. Past experience has shown us that most of these charges are related to fertility related surgeries, so please give Marie Stopes a call if this doesn't ring any bells for you.

We have also started having people ask us about Direct Debit request emails they've received from Wellbeing Choices Australia. We do not have the facility to set up Direct Debits and as such, cannot debit your bank account. We suggest you refer to your email for further information, and if there isn't any on the email, then either contact Marie Stopes and ask them if it's their email, or feel free to ignore it. 

Of course, you are welcome to give us a call or send us an email to find out for sure, and we'll happily doublecheck our data base for you!