Footbath Questions

If you're brand new to detoxification footbaths, you've probably got heaps of questions! Visit our Footbath Facts page where we try and answer those questions for you.

We've covered this question in blog post, which you can read here

Some people should not use the IonCleanse footbath. Read the IonCleanse Premier Instruction Guide and scroll down to page 4 to view the complete list. We recommend any person falling into one or more of these categories NOT use the IonCleanse® System. Please check with your medical practitioner for further advice.

THIS IS NOT AN EXHAUSTIVE LIST, but rather the most common questions we receive:

People who have a pacemaker.

Organ transplant recipients.

Pregnant or nursing women.

Anyone on medication, the absence of which would cause mental or physical impairment, such as psychotic episodes, seizures, etc.

Anyone on blood thinners or medications that regulate heartbeat.

For further information regarding contraindications, please contact A Major Difference directly – (USA) 877 315 8638 and select option 3, and they will be happy to assist you.

Please Note: The IonCleanse® Systems are part of a comprehensive health and wellness system and the information provided by Wellbeing Choices is solely for use as part of a self-improvement program. None of the information provided on this website is intended to act as a substitute for medical advice. The IonCleanse® Systems are not intended to treat, prevent, cure, or diagnose any disease, illness or ailment.

We've put together some general guidelines on cleansing schedules, how to use your footbath, how to changes the plates and so on. Head over to our Getting Your Feet Wet Guide to read more.

If you're a regular user of the IonCleanse by AMD and need some troubleshooting tips, check out our Cleanser's Club for technical tips and advanced help.

We have three main areas where we provide information and resources on the IonCleanse by AMD.

Footbath Facts is particularly for those wanting to find further information about ionic footbaths and the IonCleanse by AMD prior to purchasing.

Getting Your Feet Wet Guide is for those who have purchased their footbath and have general questions.

For more advanced users we recommend the Cleanser's Club.

If you have a question that's not answered in any of the above, please send us an email at or give us a call on 0429 800482.

Aroma Diffuser Questions

With a bit of TLC your diffuser will give you joy for a lot longer. Check out our blog post on how to do just that.

Okay, let's narrow it down! 

Are the lights working but there's no mist or very little mist? In that case it might need a good clean - check out our blog article on how to do that.

Is it completely dead - no lights and no mist? If you've got another diffuser that uses the same power supply then try your dead diffuser with another power supply to see if that's the issue. If that still doesn't fix it, then check to see if it's still under warranty so you can make a claim.

Your mist is fine but the lights are not? There's unfortunately nothing you can do to fix this - if your diffuser is still under warranty then it's best to get it replaced.

How to make a warranty claim will depend on which diffuser you have. If you have a Lively Living diffuser, then you'll need to contact Lively Living directly to get it replaced. We can send you a copy of your receipt to help with proving that it's still under warranty - just send us an email.

If your diffuser is not Lively Living, then just get in touch with us and we can sort it out for you! You can email us, or give us a call / text on 0408 320532.

We often get asked this question. You can use any brand of essential oils in your diffuser! Make sure that they are pure essential oils however, and not fragrances. If you're not sure of the difference between the two, check out our blog article!

The Silhouette and Freedom diffusers have a 2 year warranty. All the other diffusers have a 1 year warranty. If you're not sure when you bought your diffuser, then feel free to get in touch with us.

Essential Oil Questions

Essential oils are extremely concentrated, and should be treated with respect. Some oils can cause rashes, skin or sun sensitivities if used on the skin so you should always do your research before using oils on your skin. We have a number of resources available in our store which will help you with proper dilution ratios, and be sure to check each product description for any safety warnings. For more information read our 9 Tips on how to use your essential oils blog post.

Using oils internally is not something we recommend. Essential oils are extremely concentrated and contain substances that can irritate the mucus membranes in your oesophageal tract. Not enough research has been done to prove whether the practice of ingesting oils is safe. Please consult with your medical practitioner and a certified Aromatherapist if you are wanting to ingest oils. For more information read our 9 Tips on how to use your essential oils blog post.

Some essential oils are simply not safe for children, particularly if they are used undiluted, or applied topically. Please refer to individual oils for safety guidelines around small children, or while pregnant or breastfeeding. You can find oils that are safe to use with children in our Kid Safe Collection.

We have a number of resources available that can help you learn more about using essential oils safely. Check out our Essential Oils Accessories category for tools to help you. Our Droplets of Wellbeing Blog also gives you information and tips for various oils.

We also highly recommend Lea Jacobsen's website Using Essential Oils Safely and the Tisserand Institute if you wish to delve deeper into the exciting world of oils.

Our pets have a different sense of smell than we do, so an oil that is great for us could be lethal to them. We highly recommend you research the oil before you use it around your pet. Check the product description for information on the safety of that oil around pets. We also have some resources to help you choose the right oils.

This has been a very contentious issue in essential oil companies for a long time! It's quite a complicated topic, so much so that we've written a blog about it!

Questions about Wellbeing Choices

We are very conscious of the packaging materials that we use when sending out your order. We aim to use the least amount of packaging necessary to ensure that your order arrives in your hands safe and sound. If you'd like to find out more please read Our Sustainability Commitment.

Our business is in Bendigo, Victoria, post code 3550. If your order is coming to you via Express Post you can use the Australia Post Calculator to see how long it should take. We aim to ship out orders on the next business day, if they have been received prior to 7pm.

We prefer to use Sendle for courier deliveries, as they are Carbon Neutral and a B Corp company. As a general guide, shipping to the east coast (including Tasmania) can take from 1-4 business days, and to WA it can take from 6-10 business days. Orders to SA and NT take anywhere from 3-7 business days. If you are in a regional or rural location you will need to allocate additional time for deliveries. 

Once we have booked shipping for your order, you will receive an email with the tracking details so you can monitor it while in transit. The exception for this is for orders which are sent out from doTERRA or Young Living. We place orders with these companies and then need to wait for them to update the tracking details on their websites, at which time we can then update your order.

If there is an issue with any part of your order, then please get in touch with us to let us know. You can email us, or give us a call on 0408 320532. Depending on the situation, we may decide to let you return an item that you have changed your mind on, and issue you with a store credit. Please visit this page for full details of our Refund and Returns policy.

If you've found a charge on your credit card from "Wellbeing Choices Australia" and you're wondering who on earth we are, then please let us clear that up. You can read all about it here

We hate paying for shipping just as much as you do! There are some products that we offer free shipping on, and this will be stated in the product description. Spend $100 or more and you also get free shipping. Other than that, we charge a flat fee of $9 for shipping. You can also choose to ship via Express Post, which costs $12 regardless of the size of the order. Not all products are available to be sent via Express Post - such as the IonCleanse by AMD systems, and oils sent out directly from doTERRA and Young Living. Please check the product description for details.

We certainly do! We also offer Lay-Buys, or you can use the traditional payment methods of credit cards, Paypal or bank transfer. Payments are processed securely through the Shopify facility so we do not receive nor store your credit card details. You can find out more on the Pay later programs on their respective pages:




We can ship diffusers and the IonCleanse system and accessories to New Zealand, as the electrical certification requirements are the same as in Australia.

We are able to ship replacement parts for the IonCleanse internationally elsewhere as well.

Essential oils are often considered dangerous goods by shipping companies and as such we are generally unable to ship them overseas. Please feel free to contact us if there are particular oils you were wanting, and we can let you know if they can be sent or not.

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Yes we do! You can find out all about it right here.

:-( We are very sorry to hear that. We take the best of care to package orders up so they will arrive in one piece, but very occasionally something will break during transit. If this happens please let us know straight away and we will replace / refund it for you. You can email us or ring / text on 0408 320532.

If you've been waiting for what seems like ages and your order still hasn't arrived, please check your order status page in our online store. This will give you the tracking number so you can see where your parcel is at. We generally ship through Sendle or Australia Post, both of which having tracking details on their websites. You can find the link on your order status page, or in the shipping notification email we sent you.

Sendle offers you the ability to chase down your missing parcel directly from their Dashboard, as long as the delivery timeframe has passed. You can send us an email to ask us to chase it up from our end as well - we just need your name and can look up other details from there, but if you have the order number that makes it quicker!

Absolutely. Our store is on the Shopify platform, which provides all security to keep your details safe. You can read our full Privacy Policy here, which includes finding out the information that is stored about you, and how you can request a copy of it. You may also like to read our Terms of Service here.

We request that you use a password on your account to protect you from unauthorised purchases. While we cannot see your password, we can issue you a new one if you forget it. Please email us or call / text us on 0408 320532 and we'll organise that for you straight away.

Don't panic, just contact us. You can send us an email, phone or text us on 0408 320532, or message us on What's App on the same number. If you feel like waiting for the carrier pigeon, you can even send us a letter to PO Box 1202, Bendigo Central VIC 3552.