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Getting Your Feet Wet Guide

Starting your Footbath Journey

So you've taken the plunge and bought yourself an IonCleanse by AMD detoxification system - congratulations! No doubt you've got a lot of questions regarding how to use it, how and when to change the plates, what to do with the dirty water, and so on. This is where we're going to be compiling answers to those questions, so swim right on in!

If you've already had your Footbath for a while and have some tricky questions, we're putting together some information for you on our Cleanser's Club page. If you're wanting some more information on the IonCleanse by AMD or ionic footbaths in general, then head on over to our Footbath Facts page.


Cleansing Schedules for the IonCleanse by AMD footbath in Australia
For general guidelines and suggested cleansing schedules when you're first starting with your footbath, check out our "How often should I cleanse" blog post.





IonCleanse FAQs - Salt Questions answered
IonCleanse FAQs - The Salty Facts

We cover the Why, What, When and Whoops of using Salt with your IonCleanse footbath.




 Tips and Tricks to get the most out of your IonCleanse plates and liners: