How COVID-19 will affect your shopping

No doubt you've come to dread these notices on every page you visit, but we wanted to make sure to let you know how the current COVID-19 Pandemic could affect your shopping experience with us.

Stock levels and quantities

We have been working very hard to try and maintain our stock levels where possible. Unfortunately a lot of suppliers world wide are running out of products and ingredients, so naturally our store has been affected as well. We are trying to source from Australian suppliers where possible, as well as find suitable alternatives to help you over the coming months. We are trying to stay on top of inventory levels, but there may be times when you order something only to receive an email from us saying we've had to refund it. Our apologies in advance if this happens to you.

To enable everyone to get the products they need, we have introduced limits on some of our items. You will see notifications on these as you shop, in most cases the maximum quantity is one. If you exceed these limits we will only fulfill the maximum quantity of the item and issue you with a store credit for the remainder. If we suspect that anyone has placed multiple orders to get around these restrictions, we will cancel those orders.

Shipping Matters

Due to the increased demand for goods, domestic and international couriers and Australia Post have had a huge increase in their workload. Some items may take longer to reach us, and may also take longer to reach you. We have been very pleasantly surprised to find that our orders have had very little delays so far, but this may change at any time. We do send you out shipping notifications via email, so please look out for those and keep monitoring the whereabouts of your package.

We generally send orders out within 1-2 business days during regular times. We have been working extra hours to keep within this timeframe, but ask for your understanding if your order is delayed.

Keeping everyone safe

Unless you specifically request otherwise, we will be authorising all deliveries to be left at your door without a signature. This helps keep social interaction to a minimum. Even if you request a signature on delivery, your delivery service may decide to leave it at your door to minimise contact. Unfortunately this is out of our control, so we recommend that if you cannot have goods left at your door, that you direct your order to a Parcel Locker, PO Box or work address.

Price changes

Fluctuations in the exchange rate mean that as we replenish stocks, we may need to adjust our prices. As always, we will endeavour to keep this to a minimum where at all possible.


If you have any questions for us as relates to your Wellbeing Choices' shopping experience during the COVID-19 crisis, please do not hesitate to contact us via email or phone on 0408 320532 or 0429 800482.

Yours in health,

Martina McNeill