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Footbath Facts!

Footbath Facts and Research


So you want to learn more about ionic footbaths? Or maybe you already know a fair bit about them but want to learn specifically about the IonCleanse by AMD  ® detoxification system? Either way, this is the place to come to find out more!

IonCleanse Resources and Reports


You will find Instruction Manuals, whitepapers and other research materials on the IonCleanse footbaths, on our IonCleanse Resources and Reports page.


Footbath Facts Blog posts


We have several blog articles which you will find useful in your research. Search our blog with the phrase "footbath facts" to find them, or just follow this link!


 Getting Your Feet Wet Guide

If you've taken the plunge and have already bought your IonCleanse, head over to our Getting Your Feet Wet Guide for information on how to get the most out of it.


Cleanser's Club


Experienced users who are after troubleshooting information and advanced techniques should consult our Cleansers' Club.