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IonCleanse by AMD Practitioners

IonCleanse by AMD resources for practitioners


Resources for Practitioners

We have a number of free resources available to practitioners who are using the IonCleanse by AMD in their clinic. To find out more, subscribe to our newsletter and tick the box that says, "'I'm a practitioner - please add me to your database". We'll then send you out some details as to how you can access the resources, and be listed in our database. If you only tick that box and no others, you won't receive any other newsletters from us. If you're already a subscriber, you can update your preferences by following the link in any of our newsletters. 


Referral Program

If you refer a customer who buys an IonCleanse® Solo® or Premier® from us, we will give you a $200 cash payment, or you can choose to keep it as a store credit and get $270. As a practitioner, you will have clients who love using their footbath so much that they want to buy one to have at home, so make sure to put them in touch with us and we can give you that referral credit. This can help cover the costs of replacement plates and liners that you use in your clinic, or to put towards a second machine to have in your office!

Referral payments will be processed once the 60 day Money Back Guarantee period has expired, provided the customer has not returned their IonCleanse® for a refund. You can find out all the details on our Money Back Guarantee right here.

Bulk Buy Discounts

We offer savings if you buy two or more IonCleanse units at the same time.

When you purchase your replacement plates you can take advantage of the bulk buy discounts we offer. These start from a minimum buy of 3 plates, with the biggest discounts for purchases of 12 plates or more. Some practitioners (particularly those in New Zealand) find it useful to have a stock of replacement plates on hand, so that their clients who have purchased their own footbath, can buy replacement plates from them.

Practitioner Database

If you have given us permission to list you in our practitioner database, we can provide your details to clients who are looking to experience an IonCleanse footbath in their local area. We do not keep this list on our website, and only provide details to clients who contact us directly. You can change or remove your listing at any time by notifying us. Not yet listed? Sign up to our newsletter and tick the "I'm a practitioner" box and we'll send you the details!

Customer Service to Help You

We are here to answer any footbath questions you may have. Contact us if you have a question relating to usage, contraindications, use in children with autism or anything else - if we don't know the answer we will find out for you. We're available via phone, email and Zoom sessions.

As a practitioner, you can also book in a 1 on 1 consult with Glenn Wilhelm, AMD's Sales Manager, who can help you with your footbath business.

A note on pricing

We sometimes get asked about pricing options for the IonCleanse footbaths. Our aim has always been to keep the price as low as possible, to make the IonCleanse available to more Australian families. We do not place the systems on sale, and our prices are dependent on the US exchange rate and adjusted twice yearly when necessary. We aim to offer a price that is similar to what you would pay if you were to buy it directly from AMD in the US - and preferably cheaper. If you're working out the costs to buy from the US, please make sure to include shipping, GST and customs, as well as the 3% fee charged by PayPal or banks for currency conversion.