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IonCleanse Practitioners Resource Hub

IonCleanse by AMD Practitioners Resource Hub

This is where you will find various resources that you can use in your clinic, or to help you get more out of your footbath. Check out our YouTube channel for videos as well. 


Toxicity Assessment FormIionize Me Fails the FCC Conducted Emissions TestIonCleanse Solo versus Platinum Energy SystemNo colour change leafletLetter to parents of children with autismData  Collection - toxins found in water after footbathToxin Awareness GuideCertificate of ComplianceA Comparative GuideDid the Study Fall ShortSolo Full Compliance Immunity Report April 2008Polarity for varying toxinsHeavy Metals Report February 2002Premier Instruction GuideSolo Instruction GuideSolo Quick Start GuideEvaluation of Heavy Metals in relation to Ionic Footbath Sessions with the IonCleanseTMR Repeated Measures Analysis ReportIonCleanse Footbath Use Release Form
TMR Study 1 Whitepaper
TMR Study 2 Whitepaper