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Our sustainability commitment

Like our customers, we care about our environment and want to do what we can to reduce our impact on it. Packaging materials play a large part in getting your order to you safely, and thankfully these days there are a number of planet-friendly options.

Our Packaging


We do not include a printed invoice or order slip when we send out your order. If you need a tax invoice, please ask us and we can email it to you.

Cardboard Boxes

To cut down on costs and waste, we reuse boxes where we can. Cardboard boxes can be disposed of in your regular recycling facility. You may need to remove labels first as well as any adhesive tape - please check with your local council. Of course, you can also reuse these boxes several times (and they make great cat houses).

Compostable Satchels

Hero packaging compostable mailers

We prefer to use 100% compostable, zero waste bags (satchels). These are made from corn starch and cassava roots, and can be composted at home or in a composting facility near you. If you put the bag into your regular rubbish that goes into landfill, it will break down within 2 years (as opposed to 400+ years for plastic satchels).

Home composting

Remove the labels from the bag and dispose of these in your regular rubbish. Our brown (Kraft) shipping labels have been made from 100% recycled materials (chlorine free) and can be recycled. You can then cut the bag into strips and place them into your compost bin as "brown" materials. They will break down completely within 90-120 days (or sooner).

Some local councils also have a composting or green bin, so check with your council if this is an option for you. 

Composting facilities

If you do not compost at home, you can send the bags (and certain other materials) to a composter. Find your 'local' one here.

Non-compostable satchels

Australia Post satchels, non-compostable satchels and padded bags can be REDcycled. This is a recycling program which has collection points throughout Australia, usually at major supermarkets. You place your REDcyclable rubbish into the collection bins, and they are picked up and recycled from there. Find out further information and your closest collection point here. Check with your local council as to what can be disposed of in your recycling bin program.

Bubble Wrap

Bubble Wrap can also be REDcycled as above. We do not usually buy bubble wrap but instead reuse the bubble wrap we receive with our shipments from various suppliers.

Packaging Materials

Our packaging materials are reused where possible. Materials we buy are usually paper based and can be recycled or reused. We also use biofill (packing peanuts). The biofill materials break down when water is added to them, so they are able to be put into your garden or compost as per usual. Check with your local council if they will accept biofill in their Green Waste program.

Sticky Stuff

Where possible we purchase biodegradable tape. Our brown shipping labels are recyclable (as above). Any of the other stickers we use have an uncoated surface with a regular adhesive. Please check with your local council if these are acceptable in your recycling program.

The Little Things

Some of the other little items that may arrive with your order are Organza bags, paper raffia or twine. We encourage you to reuse these, but if you do dispose of them, they are more environmentally friendly than their plastic alternatives! We may also include some little cards with your order, which are made from cardboard and can be recycled or regifted!

Carbon Neutral delivery

Carbon Neutral Delivery

Sendle have 100% Carbon neutral delivery, and are also a registered B Corp. To find out more about how Sendle offsets carbon emissions, head on over to this page on their website. If you're interested in their B Corp status, you can check out their blog post here.

Australia Post deliveries are also carbon neutral - you can find out more on their website here.


If you have any suggestions or questions for us, we'd love to hear from you! Just send us an email at hello@wellbeingchoices.com.au.