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Very happy with product, package arrived within 3 days of ordering ( used afterpay), totally recommend this site, thanks.

Fantastic Frank!

By far the best frankincense blend we have tried. Helps hugely with inflammation and smells divine.

Great diffuser

Love this diffuser, looks beautiful and lasts a long time

No More Leaks

I absolutely love the glass rollerball inserts. No more losing precious oily blends for me or my customers. Thank you Wellbeing Choices for such a quick delivery :)


Lime, Sweet Orange, Bergamot.. such a wonderful combination. Bergamot is my go to scent, it helps me to relax. Lime is very uplifting and gives me a boost on those days you need an extra pep in your step. Orange I add to my moisturize in winter..makes my skin glow.

Sinus saver

Over the last week I've used Sinus Clear every night. I diffuse it in the bedrooms of my two little monkeys as they have a cold.. it worked great. They both had a better night sleep and i enjoyed the aroma.

Sleep trio

I brought the sleep trio and I love love them, they smell so good and help me get into a relaxing mood to have a good nights sleep. I would recommend anyone who has trouble falling asleep to give them ago.. thank you Wellbeing choices for your wonderful product.

AMD IonCleanse

If you’re sitting on the fence about purchasing the AMD IonCleanse, rest assure that the staff at Wellbeing Choices will have your back 100%. I love my machine, it’s played a crucial role in the recovery after my breast implant removal, helping to rid my body of any toxins. I sleep better if I use it right before bedtime.
Thank you to Martina and staff, you’ve been an incredible support.

Thanks for the great review Amanda, and we're very pleased to hear that the IonCleanse has been helping you!
Perfect Blends

I recently ordered several items and was really pleased with everything received. The Little Box of Energy (Tisserand) is a great idea for those who are new to the field and unsure as to what scent/oil does what. The Little Box of Energy takes the hassles away when choosing appropriate oils and I am happy with each of the scents available. The Tisserand 'Sweet Orange and Cinnamon Room Mist' is quite redolent and makes for an attractive scent - having a dog who is on medication that gives off a slight odour, I found a light spray of the mist to help take away (or reduce) this odour. As part of my order, I added a set of the Chakra Coloured Rollerball Lids to use with the Little Box of Energy Rollerballs and this makes it easier to identify the vials quickly just by looking at the lids - what a terrific idea. The Rack Cards and the little booklets on Diffuser Blends and RollerBall recipes are terrific resources to have on hand. I will certainly be ordering from WellBeing Choices in the not-too-distant future. Great customer service and they keep you in the loop as to delivery details concerning your order. AND TO TOP IT OFF, you can use AfterPay if you so desire.

Great product

Great product and great value for money

Great product

Fantastic product at an affordable price


Actually bought this for my partner, who was pleasantly surprised as to how well this product helped him, the miracle of essential oils!

Paris with love

Have been running two diffusers in different rooms with this oil today and the house smells lovely.

Ylang ylang.

I bought ylang ylang to add to my collection, I used it with lavender and orange and the blend made the house smell beautiful.


Santorini is refreshing and makes the house smell inviting, I love the citrusy smell.

love it, really helps with my sleep.

Aroma Lily Diffuser - Gold Grain
Love it

I do love this diffuser it just doesn’t last long enough

Absolutely Beautiful Diffuser

From the first moment I laid eyes on this Diffuser I knew that it would be PERFECT in whatever house I live in. It has a beautiful design with intricate "wilderness" patterns around it. When the light shines behind it you really notice the detail put into the patterns.
I love that this Diffuser is quite large so you can have it on for longer, and surprisingly the scent of the oils really do seem to linger or longer (which I did not think possibly given how big it is) compared to any other diffuser I have ever used.
There is one thing that you may want to consider before buying and that is that due to the fact it is a bigger capacity, it has a louder hum than a smaller diffuser. I love to use it during the day but I would not be able to use this at night due to the hum. It may just be my sensitive ears but it's definitely something to consider when purchasing.

Overall I LOVE this diffuser and will definitely be buying it as a gift for my essential oil loving friends.

Jill Diffuser - Aroma 2 Go
Simple but effective

My cousin likes the simple effectiveness of this diffuser.


My son has sweaty feet so tinea was a regular problem. A daily spray of thieves has kept him free of tinea.


Added a few drops of Tea tree oil and a really nice soap and clean smell in the shower.


Happy with my order. It arrived very quickly. Thank you for your prompt service

Colour changing diffuser.

Love the diffuser very relaxing the colours are beautiful I use it right through the night an sleep soundly Great purchase 100% happy😊

Immune boom

Tried this essential oil as kids had been sick for quite some time with no relief from antibiotics, used it for a week, but noticed after just 3 days they all healed from their sicknesses and off back to school. Great product

Clean linen

Beautiful smelling. I use this one with my soapberries for my towels and sheets. Makes the washing machine smell beautiful as well

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