Who We Are

We're a family owned business operating out of Bendigo, Victoria, Australia. Our family consists of Martina (mum), Rod (dad) and six children - four girls (three of whom have Asperger's) and two boys (one of whom has severe Autism). When our son was diagnosed back in 2011, we decided to do all we could to help him improve his health and live up to his full potential. We changed to a gluten and casein free diet, and started down the biomedical pathway. Our son is what we like to call a "tough nut" and while we saw the huge impact that dietary changes had on him, we weren't getting the success we wanted with other biomedical interventions.

In 2015, our family was asked to be part of the second Team TMR study on evaluating the effectiveness of the IonCleanse® by AMD for children with Autism. The resulting changes in the children, and corresponding drops in ATEC scores, excited us so much, that we wanted to make this protocol more easily available to Australian families.

That's how our business (originally named Recovery Choices) was born, with the initial focus being on the IonCleanse® detoxification systems. Because we use non-toxic alternatives in our home and personal lives, it was only natural to also offer the same products that we used, to our customers. Hence the growth of Recovery Choices, to Wellbeing Choices - offering products that will help your entire family in your journey to increased wellbeing.