10ml Mixed Pastel Colours (pk 4) - Glass bottles - Glass rollers

If you have been living the meme "Essential oiling my way through adulthood one drop at a time!", then you're no stranger to the many ways of EO applications. You've got candles, diffusers, soaps, spray bottles, the works.

If you haven't already, discover the convenience of using roller bottles! These come in 10ml sizes so they are perfect for taking with you to that parent-teacher conference, or on weekend road trips. Keep a stash in your purse, at work, or in your car so you're always ready for whatever life brings you!

You'll get one of each shimmery colour coated with a special UV protective paint. This preserves your oil's aromatic and therapeutic properties! Do you know what the best part is? These don't come with standard plastic balls. Yep! Glass only! This means no falling out, leaks, or putting out too much oil!

Usage & Care

Some essential oils, such as citrus or frankincense, may interact with the Roller Fitment/Ball causing an increased or decreased flow of oil or decreased movement of roller balls. 

Essential Oil Roller Bottles

Rollerbottles are handy for ‘on the go’ applications – simply fill a rollerbottle with your preferred carrier oil and add some drops of your essential oil. You can also fit a rollerball top to an essential oil bottle rather than using a separate bottle – make sure to dilute your oil however. If that sounds like too much work, you can simply purchase ready made rollerbottles.

Essential oils are great additions to bases to make your own personal care items such as soaps, face creams or shampoos. You can also use essential oils to help cut down on chemicals in your cleaning supplies. Make sure to check out our blog articles for more ideas!