50ml Cobalt Blue Spritzer - Thick Glass bottle - Black Spray top

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If you're into aromatherapy, you may find using homemade essential oil sprays a fun and easy way to incorporate oils into your daily routine. Just like your usual essential oil blends though, you'll need some degree of protection to keep them from degrading due to oxidation.

Amber-coloured sprays? Now you can't have 'em looking like some age-old elixir, right? If that's the case, these blue spray bottles are your best bet!

The perfect compromise between aesthetics and functionality, these can hold up to 50 ml of your liquid creations, perfect for DIY spritzes, floral waters, body mist, hair sprays, and more!

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Usage & Care

  • Depending on the concentration, essential oils may cause the spraying mechanism to clog. Please experiment with other contents or concentration ratios.
  • Make sure to cut the spray top tube at an ideal angle of 45°.
  • If the spray tip becomes clogged, stiff, or difficult to use, place the tube in warm, soapy water and spray until it clears up. 
  • Try to flush between uses especially when used with essential oils. 

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