Aroma Bracelet Make & Take Workshop DIY Kit - Amethyst

Trying to get your essential oils business off the ground? Set yourself apart by getting to know your customer base!

A workshop is a great way to get them even more invested. Combining aromatherapy with the thrill of making their own amethyst bracelets, this Make & Take Kit includes 10 instructional sheets, 220 semi-precious gemstone beads, 10 Om Symbol Charms, 12 ft of Elastic Cording as well as an instruction sheet to make your workshop a success for everyone!

There's enough material for a class of 10 but it's also perfect for a little bonding session with friends. Fewer people means more bracelets for everyone! And what's a better fashion statement than stacked amethyst bracelets?

Scroll down below for more information on using workshops as a powerful marketing strategy!

Trying to set your business apart from a legion of other essential oils businesses can be downright difficult. You're going to need a clever marketing strategy and you'll have to be really creative. After all, you're basically selling the same products and the same benefits, how else can you stand out? 

Hosting a live workshop is like hitting two birds with one stone. You get to showcase yourself as a credible expert and you get to bring your online community offline. It's really all about introducing your brand, boosting your credibility, educating your customers, and building a loyal customer base. 

Sometimes, it's also not just what you teach them in the workshop. Was it fun? Did it get them even more fired up and excited? Were they able to take home something tangible from the event? 

The "Aroma Bracelet" Make & Take Workshop Kit is specially tailored to help an essential oils business grow exponentially. Let your customers get acquainted with essential oils while having loads of fun crafting their very own bracelets!

This kit has enough beads, cording, charms, and printed instructions for up to 10 attendees. 

Our kit includes:

  • 220 semi-precious 8mm gemstone beads (44 Amethyst, 44 Hematite, 44 Howlite, 44 Clear Quartz, 44 Lava Rock)
  • 12 ft of elastic cording
  • 10 om symbol charms
  • 10 guest instruction sheets
  • Host instructions & tips

    Not included: 

    Elastic Cord Glue - Highly recommended
    Essential Oils