Baby Bottles Rollerball DIY Kit

Looking for a fun way to introduce your kids to the benefits of essential oils?

This kit has an adorable "Noah's Ark" theme and addresses the common health and wellness issues faced by babies aged 3-24 months old.

Safe and effective, the recipes in this kit fall within the recommended 0.5% dilution ratios so you won't have to worry about them being too potent for your child.

We've also thrown in our Baby Essentials Booklet  so you'll soon have a blast creating your child's first mini blend!

10 Rollerball Recipes including (+1 bonus recipe):

  • DEFENSE - supports a healthy immune system
  • DREAM - promotes restful sleep
  • EAR - reduces discomfort in the ear
  • HAPPY - supports a happy outlook
  • NOSE - helps promote clear air passages
  • SEASONAL - helps with seasonal threats
  • SKIN - reduces uneven skin texture
  • TEETH - for discomfort associated with teething
  • TEMPERATURE - supports a healthy body temperature
  • TUMMY - provides relief for upset stomach and discomfort associated with gas
  • BONUS: Healthy Bottom (spray) - helps distressed skin recover (for 60ml fine mist spray bottle)
  • Essential oils and babies normally don't mix. If undiluted, oils are extremely potent and can have a strong effect on a baby or a young child. This kit is a safe and fun way to get your kids started on essential oils from a young age! The gentle recipes are developed by Vivien Garside & Dr. Robin Fawcett and are all within the 0.5% dilution ratios as recommended by leading Certified Aromatherapists worldwide.

    True to being child-friendly, this kit has a charming "Noah's Ark" theme and is designed to address health troubles and annoyances that plague babies ages 3-24 months. Some of these common issues include teething problems, upset stomach, ear discomfort, and more.

    Our kit includes:

    • 1 Recipe Sheet

    • 1 Sticker Sheet of 10 labels

    • 1 Baby Essentials Booklet

    What do I need to make the recipes in this kit? 

    For a carrier oil, we recommend getting this Jojoba Oil Organic or the Pure Sweet Almond Oil. You will need 30ml roller bottles to make the blends as per the recipes, and we suggest grabbing some 2ml roller bottles for keeping in your nappy bag. As for single oils, you can use any brand you may already have or get these from our store. 

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