Classroom Essentials DIY Kit

Walking into all sorts of drama in the classroom? Fistfight. Frayed nerves. Mental breakdown. Missing students who can't make it to class because of seasonal allergies. Or maybe just the usual humdrum of unenthusiastic and passive students.

 Whatever the case may be, help your kids be at their best health, mental state, and emotional behaviour with this DIY kit! Containing recipes that can elevate their mood and energy levels, calm nerves during exam week, as well as recipes for an all natural cleaning solution for the classroom, you'll be looking at a more interactive and fun learning environment!

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10 "Diffuser Bomb" Recipe Blends :

  • ANXIOUS - diffuse during public speaking and tests!
  • ENERGIZE - start the day with some zing!
  • SINUS SUPPORT - everyone stuffed up?
  • FOCUS - great for getting kids back on track
  • SPRING - everyone's sneezy, dopey and sleepy
  • MEMORY - diffuse when learning and then again for the exam!
  • CALM + FOCUSED - soothing, calming and focused students
  • CLEANSING - diffuse before the kids return from recess or PE
  • EXTERNAL THREATS - before "the gunk" starts going around school
  • SOOTHE - for diffusing in the Principal's office, counselor's office or pre-exams.

    If the atmosphere in the classroom is too dismal, stressful, heavy and rife with unhealthy competition and negativities, do you think students would be raring to attend your class every single day? Not a chance!

    Research shows that a positive atmosphere in the classroom plays a vital role in improving the students' morale and motivation. As a teacher, try to create an engaging and fun learning environment for your students! You can start with this Classroom Essentials DIY kit.

    Chockful of insightful information on how essential oils can be in the classroom, pun intended, this kit includes recipes meant to help the learning process be more enjoyable. Big test coming up? There's a recipe that can help improve their memory and focus. Is everyone busy with the school play? There's a blend to help calm their nerves and reduce stage fright.

    This kit also aims to teach the young ones about the dangers of commercial products and touches on the benefits of using natural ingredients and essential oils. To keep your audience interested, we've thrown in a set of colourful lid stickers which you can use during one of your DIY sessions!

    Our kit includes:

    • 1 Classroom Essentials Diffuser Blends Recipe and Ideas sheet

    • 1 set of lid stickers (10)

    What do I need to make the recipes in this kit? 

    You will need 1ml Drip Reducer bottles and we would also suggest some 2ml roller bottles to make diluted personal bottles. For the carrier oil, we recommend getting this Jojoba Oil Organic or the Pure Sweet Almond Oil. As for single oils, you can use any brand you may already have or get these from our store.