Dilutions, Measurements and Safety Rack Card

How do you even know how many drops are in a teaspoon?? I know, right? Exactly the same thought I had when my love affair with essential oils first began. Really, it was like Cooking 101 all over again.

Don't get in a tizzy trying to convert from drams to drops, millilitres or ounces! This Dilutions, Measurements and Safety Rack Card will break everything down for you.

You will know exactly how to convert common measurements and practice safe dilutions. Displaying measurements in drams, drops, ml, oz, tbsp, and tsp, you can easily convert common sizes and practice proper dilutions at a glance!

With a brand new design, this card is made of 2 sided heavy glossy stock with a UV coating. Yup, we thought about the probability of you spilling some oil on it on day one!

Have you recently discovered the joys of using essential oils? Isn't it amazing how there's an oil for everything from cleaning your windows and deodorising your fridge to improving your sex life? Amazing, right?

What's not neat is not paying these oils the respect they deserve. We're talking about highly volatile and concentrated liquids that must be treated with caution and care. Improper dilution or applying it straight from the bottle can potentially cause severe irritation and sensitization. Definitely, something you do not want. Unless you have extensive essential oils experience or are under the guidance of a professional, never ever apply essential oils neat!

Use this rack card as your guideline to using essential oils safely for you and your family. Convert measurements from drams to drops like a pro! This card further contains important information on storage, common safety practices, and directions for safe dilution using common sizes ( drams, drops, ml, oz, tbsp and tsp)!