Fido & Felix DIY Kit

Worried about using essential oils around your pet? Don't be! These spray blends are a good way to introduce essential oils to your four-legged friends!

Formulated by Janet Roark, Doctor of Veterinary Medicine, these blends use a few simple ingredients along with a few essential oils and address common complaints that plague our fur family!

10 Spray Recipes:

  • Anxious
  • Breath
  • Bugs
  • Cuts
  • Digestion
  • Itch
  • Lumps
  • Muscles
  • Respiratory
  • Seasonal Threats
  • See below for a list of oils needed to make these fabulous recipes!

    Each recipe calls for a 2oz (60ml) Fine Mist Spray bottle. If you don't have any available, this 30ml spritzer would work just fine if you halve the recipes! You need something a bit bigger for your German Shepherd? We also have this beautiful amber 50ml spritzer for that!

    For a lot of pet parents, their fur babies are more than just animals. They are part of the family too! So, if you've fallen in love with essential oils and its 101 uses, chances are, you will want to have your pet pals reap some benefits too!

    Now, you may be wary of using essential oils around your pets given that they are different from humans both anatomically and physiologically. Well, you can start small by whipping up some spray blends that your pooches are sure to love!

    This kit includes recipes developed by Dr. Janet Roark, a veterinarian and an expert in all things related to pets and their needs. Supporting your paw friends' wellness, there are spray blends for seasonal threats, bugs, and more!

    Our kit includes:

    • 1 Recipe Sheet

    • 1 Sticker Sheet of 10 labels

    • 1 Essential Oils for Dogs and Cats Safety and Information Sheet

    What oils and other ingredients do I need to make the recipes in this kit? 

    Besides the oils listed below, you will need a few additives: Distilled Water, Carrier Oil (we recommend getting this Jojoba Oil Organic or the Pure Sweet Almond Oil), Colloidal Silver, Apple Cider Vinegar (with mother), Aloe Vera Juice, Alcohol-Free Witch Hazel, and Dish Soap.