Fractionated Coconut Carrier Oil 95ml - ECO. Aroma

  • Do your elbows and heels feel dry and rough despite piling on a moisturiser like there's no tomorrow? You might be using the wrong kind!

    Long hailed as a panacea for hair and skin issues, give coconut oil a try. Now, if you're concerned that it's too oily for your skin type, don't be. We're talking about Fractionated Coconut oil here, not just some regular oil. FCO stays in liquid form even in lower temperatures so it's great if you favour rollerballs and pump bottles for convenient application.

    Unlike other vegetable oils, Fractionated Coconut gets absorbed by the skin quickly and completely making it ideal for dry or troubled skin. It will leave your skin silky smooth and pleasantly hydrated without the greasy or oily effect. Use it for your DIY facial moisturiser, salt scrub, body creams, aftershave, lip butter, makeup remover, foot mask, hair oil, soap, and more!

    This oil further shines, no pun intended, as a carrier oil because it is colourless, odourless, and is soluble with all essential oils. This means that it won't alter the aromatic properties of your EO nor stain your clothes. With a longer shelf life and better stability at all temperatures, you won't have to worry about ruining your oils. Go ahead and blend to your heart's content!

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    Cocos Nucifera Oil

    ECO. essential oils are sourced from ethical sources and chosen from suppliers specifically to contain the best active constituents. ECO. essential oil blends have been crafted and blended from the pure essences of plants; their single oils are 100% pure and natural, and highly concentrated with therapeutic properties.