Gemstones & Crystals Rollerballs

Just like the classic pairings of cheese and wine, essential oils and crystals really complement each other. Unlike the temporary happiness afforded by the first pair though, the latter can contribute to a more lasting health and happiness.

Known for their healing and spiritual power, crystals can help us rebalance our energy. Incorporate crystals into your favourite blends for a more targeted healing process!

No need to put crystals inside the bottle, these inserts conveniently and innovatively use crystals as rollerballs! Whether you're using a clear, amber, or cobalt blue bottle, top it off beautifully with these little stunners!

10 Roller Fitments included:

  • Hematite
  • Carnelian
  • Red Aventurine
  • Tiger's eye
  • Rose quartz
  • Blue lace agate
  • Sodalite
  • Amethyst
  • Rainbow fluorite
  • Clear quartz
  • Please Note:

    Some essential oils, such as citrus or frankincense, may interact with the Roller Fitment/Ball causing an increased or decreased flow of oil or decreased movement of roller balls. 

    Rollerball and Crystal Pairing:

    Chakras & Crystals Rollerball DIY kit

    Earth Star Chakra - hematite
    Root Chakra - red aventurine
    Sacral Chakra - carnelian
    Solar Plexus Chakra - tiger’s eye
    Heart Chakra - rose quartz
    Throat Chakra - blue lace agate
    Brow Chakra - sodalite
    Crown Chakra - amethyst
    Soul Star Chakra - clear quartz
    Zeal Point Chakra - rainbow fluorite

    Essentially Well Rollerball DIY Kit

    Respiratory - sodalite
    Throat - blue lace agate
    Romance - rose quartz
    Muscle - amethyst
    Energy - clear quartz
    Head - red aventurine
    Sleep - hematite
    Stomach - tiger's eye
    Defense - rainbow fluorite
    Seasonal - carnelian

    Progeny's Potions Rollerball DIY Kit

    Nose concoction - sodalite
    Focus power - clear quartz
    Ear magic - rose quartz
    Tummy tonic - blue lace agate
    Dream spell - hematite
    Happy brew - tiger's eye
    Grow elixir - amethyst
    Head potion - red aventurine
    Seasonal enchantment - carnelian
    Defense sorcery - rainbow fluorite

    Rollerball Mentality DIY Kit

    Singing the Blues - red aventurine
    Anger Management - hematite
    Fear Less - tiger’s eye
    No Pressure - amethyst
    Calm + Focused - sodalite
    Anxious Mess - blue lace agate
    Hormonal Wreck - carnelian
    Chillaxin - clear quartz
    Guilty Conscience - rainbow fluorite
    Grieve Less - rose quartz

    Yoga & Meditation Rollerball DIY Kit

    Mindful - tiger’s eye
    Focus - clear quartz
    Clarity - blue lace agate
    Intention - red aventurine
    Present - carnelian
    Grounded - sodalite
    Uplift - hematite
    Tranquil - rainbow fluorite
    Align - rose quartz
    Be Still - amethyst

    Soul Blend