Himalayan Salt Inhaler - Plant Therapy

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  • The internet is almost always abuzz with health trends that can range from hilarious to just outright bizarre. Thankfully most of the weird (or even dangerous) ones disappear fairly quickly!

    Halotherapy or speleotherapy, also known as salt therapy, is no such fad. It's backed by a 200-year history of miners working the Himalayan salt mines who were found free of any respiratory ailments.

    Now you can benefit from this therapy without having to work in caves! Simply breathe the salt air in through this inhaler's mouthpiece and exhale through your nose. Do this every day for approximately 15 minutes to support a healthy respiratory system!

    Includes a refillable inhaler and 4 oz (~120g) of pure and premium quality, food-grade Himalayan salt. Size 5.25" x 3"