Horse DIY Kit

Do you know that our equine friends can also benefit from the healing properties of essential oils? Yep, it's been known to help alleviate stress and anxiety from their daily equestrian activities!

As always when using essential oils on animals, it can be quite intimidating and confusing. Thankfully, Janet Roark, veterinarian and an avid essential oil user, developed this kit with recipes addressing a variety of equine health conditions!

If you want your horses on their best behaviour during those trail rides and competitions, this kit might help. The "Essential Oils for Horses" Information Sheet has 16 recipes to help with most equine situations.

The included label sheet has 10 Designs:

  • Healthy Hoof - helps maintain healthy hooves
  • Breathe - helps maintain clear airways
  • Bugs - effective insect repellent
  • Digestion - helps reduce occasional abdominal discomfort and promote healthy digestion
  • Moody Mare - helps balance hormones and stabilise emotions
  • Muscles - assists with mild discomfort associated with an active lifestyle or strain
  • Anxious - for use prior to stressful events for calming
  • Focus - helps with focus, staying on task and maintaining calm mind
  • Skin Soother - helps distressed skin recover
  • Joints - helps with mild joint, tendon and ligament discomfort

  • Just like any other animal, our equine friends have heightened senses and can experience anxious feelings from their day to day activities and most especially on the day of competition. Wouldn't it be nice if you can help them relax and focus during activities such as horse racing or trail rides? 

    Essential oils can be a powerful tool in helping them de-stress and relax in whatever situations and can be applied through inhalation, massage, and diffusion. It is important to note, however, that essential oils are not meant to replace a veterinarian. Rather, treat it as a complementary way to maintain your horse's optimum condition. 

    Horses can have a different reaction to each essential oil so it is necessary to figure out which one will work and which one to keep away. You can run a test by opening a bottle cap and letting them get a small whiff. Alternatively, you can rub some oil on your palm and do the same. Watch their reaction. If they like it, their behaviour should show you. Often, you will notice them dropping their head, licking, or sighing. If they turn their head away though, that means they do not like it at all. 

    This kit is meant to be a guideline for using essential oils on horses. It is developed by highly regarded Veterinarian and Essential Oil user, Janet Roark, DVM.

    Our kit includes:

    • Essential Oils for Horses Information and Recipe Sheet

    • Labels (set of 10)

    This kit includes 16 Recipes:

      Skin Soother
      Healthy Hoof
      Moody Mare
      Intense Immunity
      Itch Relief
      Crud Buster
      Lumps & Bumps
      Hot Hoof

      What else do I need to make the recipes in this kit?

      You will need bottles and sprayers of various sizes: 30ml (1oz), 60ml (2oz) and 120ml (4oz). As well as the oils listed below, you will need Apple Cider Vinegar, Natural Dish Soap, Distilled water, and Vitamin E Oil.

      For carrier oils, we recommend getting this Jojoba Oil Organic or the Pure Sweet Almond Oil. As for single oils, you can use any brand you may already have or get these from our store.