Laundry Tonic 'Sweet Orange' 20 ml


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100% Pure Sweet Orange

Wouldn't it be nice to have the uplifting scent of orange always surrounding you? All the health and emotional benefits of the citrus fruit have been captured right here in this pure and all natural essential oil.

Add a few drops of Sweet Orange 100% Pure Essential into your wash and enjoy its relaxing, happy, positive, and energizing effect! Use it with your soapberries and wool dryer balls. Added bonus: tucking yourself under an orange scented sheet may help promote a good night's sleep!


Sweet Orange Essential oil

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How do I use Laundry Tonics in my laundry?

You can add a few drops of your Laundry Tonic to the soapberries bag before you throw it into your washing machine. Alternatively, you can add some drops to the detergent or fabric softener compartment of your washer.

If you're going to be putting your laundry into the dryer, simply put a few drops of Laundry Tonic essential oil on one of the 3 wool dryer balls. Toss them in the dryer along with wet laundry and then dry on low heat. About 5-7 drops should be good but you can experiment with the amount to get the scent you desire. 

Laundry Tonics are also great to use in other home made cleaners, especially if you're using our Organic Soapberry Recipes!