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Manuka 5ml - Plant Therapy

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  • Never heard of Manuka essential oil? You are not alone. Although it's been popular among the Maori people for centuries, this calming essential oil has only been discovered recently and is basically a new entry in the world of aromatherapy.

    Don't underestimate its healing properties though. Manuka boasts of antibacterial, anti-fungal, anti-inflammatory, anti-allergenic, antiseptic, antimicrobial, antihistamine, cicatrizant, cytophylactic, and relaxant properties.

    Although coming from the same tea tree family, Manuka is said to be up to 10x more effective against fungi. It also has a more fragrant scent which you will find in many personal care products such as soaps, creams, lotions, body scrubs, and more!

    Its popularity in beauty products can be attributed not only to its refreshing scent but also to its natural skin healing properties. Use Manuka essential oil as a natural remedy for acne, sunburn, dandruff, allergies, insect bites, rashes, eczema, body odour, athlete's foot, toenail infection, and so much more!


    Manuka Essential Oil

    Aromatic Description

    Sweet, calming, herbaceous aroma

    Botanic Name

    Leptospermum scoparium

    Country Of Origin

    New Zealand

    Derived From


    Method Of Extraction

    Steam Distillation

    Based in Twin Falls, Idaho, Plant Therapy was established in 2011 and is a leading supplier of organic essential oils, carrier oils, pre-diluted roll-ons, and more. All of their oils are 100% pure and free from any additives, adulterants or dilutions.