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Marjoram Sweet 10ml - Organic - Plant Therapy

Child Friendly - Safe Essential Oils for Kids at Wellbeing Choices Certified Organic Essential Oils at Wellbeing Choices

  • You can hear that dreaded cough coming from the kids' bedroom, and know that you're not going to be getting any sleep (again) tonight. As much as you love your kids, you need sleep to hold onto your sanity, but what can you use that's safe for kids and will help you all get some rest?

    Try adding Marjoram Sweet to your winter arsenal for fighting respiratory issues and comforting your kids at the same time. While Marjoram has long been used as a flavour enhancer in cooking, it is also extremely useful as an essential oil. Not only does it help to relax arteries and small blood vessels to make breathing easier and help to loosen mucus, it is also a great relaxant for the mind. Add it to your diffuser at bedtime to help with breathing as well as with the symptoms of anxiety, stress and insomnia.

    Use it in a massage blend to soothe sore and aching muscles, ease the symptoms of arthritis and relieve menstrual pain. Historically, Marjoram has also been used to help us overcome the symptoms of grief!


    Organic Origanum majorana

    Aromatic Description

    Fresh-medicinal, sweet, herbaceous scent

    Botanic Name

    Origanum majorana

    Country Of Origin


    Derived From


    Method Of Extraction

    Steam Distilled

    Based in Twin Falls, Idaho, Plant Therapy was established in 2011 and is a leading supplier of organic essential oils, carrier oils, pre-diluted roll-ons, and more. All of their oils are 100% pure and free from any additives, adulterants or dilutions. One of their most beloved lines is a collaboration with Robert Tisserand for KidSafe Synergies. KidSafe is a line of essential oils specially developed for children ages 2-10.

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Soothing and relaxing
Marjoram - sweet aroma with calming properties