Reflexology Rack Card

Interested in getting the most out of essential oils through reflexology? So are the rest of us! However, don't get lost in the myths that proliferate online! No, we don't apply essential oils on the feet because it has the highest absorption rate (not true!). Nope, the oils don't magically teleport from the bottom of our feet to our targeted body organ. And for the love of everything Holy, never apply oil neat on your feet!

All this misleading information actually undermines the power of reflexology. This is such a shame because reflexology has been practised for centuries to relieve pain, restore our energy flow, promote relaxation, eliminate toxins from our body, boost circulation, and more!

Using essential oils during a foot reflexology massage can enhance your experience so by all means, go ahead and indulge! It sure never hurts to tease your olfactory senses with wonderful fragrances during the session.

This rack card displays both the left and right foot reflexology chart to serve as a guide for both novice and expert practitioners of this art. Want to get the full treatment? Head on over to our Essentially Well Rollerball DIY Kit with recipes and all other essentials!

What is reflexology?

Reflexology is a healing art founded on the belief that the reflexes and zones found on our hands and feet directly correspond to a body part. Applying pressure on these specific points helps promote healing by relieving that body part of stress, encouraging blood circulation, and stimulating the nerves to reduce pain and heal any illnesses.

The use of essential oils together with reflexology is a potent combination towards optimising our health and wellness. This rack card display the right and left foot reflexology chart for your reference.