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Ylang Ylang, Geranium, Lavender, Orange, Cedarwood, Blue Cypress, Davana, Lime, Jasmine absolute, Rose, Matricaria, Blue Tansy, Grapefruit, Tangerine, Spearmint, Lemon, Ocotea, White Lotus absolute

Most us have difficult or emotional times that leave us feeling less than our upbeat selves. When you're in need of some emotional support, why not try SARA oil?

A blend of Ylang Ylang, Geranium, Lavender, and more, SARA may help release negative emotions and promote positivity. Who can say no to that?

Relaxing, balancing, and soothing, SARA can help create a sense of peace and freedom and help you to start moving forward in a positive direction. Try combining it with Release to deal with any stuck emotions!

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sweet almond (prunus amygdalus dulcis) oil, ylang ylang (cananga odorata) flower oil, geranium (pelargonium graveolens) flower oil, lavender (lavandula angustifolia) oil, orange (citrus aurantium dulcis) peel oil, cedarwood (cedrus atlantica) bark oil, blue cypress (callitris intratropica) wood oil, davana (artemisia pallens) flower oil, kaffir lime (citrus hystrix) leaf extract, jasmine (jasminum officinale) oil**, rose (rosa damascena) flower oil, matricaria (chamomilla recutita) flower oil, blue tansy (tanacetum annuum) flower oil, grapefruit (citrus paradisi) peel oil, tangerine (citrus reticulata) peel oil, spearmint (mentha spicata) leaf extract, lemon (citrus limon) peel oil, ocotea (ocotea quixos) leaf oil, white lotus (nymphaea lotus) flower extract**. 100% pure, therapeutic-grade essential oil **Jasmine and White Lotus are absolutes or essences rather than essential oils.

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Young Living sets the standard for essential oil purity and authenticity through their unique Seed to Seal process. Rigorous controls ensure that the essential oil single or blend you receive is exactly the way nature intended it.

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As the world leader in essential oils, we believe that everyone deserves a life full of abundance and wellness. Our vision is to bring the life-changing benefits of essential oils to every home, family, and lifestyle.

Our story started more than 20 years ago with a simple, home-built essential oil distillery. Today, our farms and community span the globe. Because of our proven commitment to provide the best from nature, millions trust us to deliver superior essential oils.

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Safety Cautions

Essential oils are natural, but they are also concentrated. We recommend following basic safety precautions when using your oils:

  • Essential oils should not be ingested, unless it is under the guidance of a suitably qualified practitioner.

  • Do not use oils undiluted on the skin, unless the instructions permit otherwise. Many oils can cause irritation when placed directly on skin, particularly on sensitive areas such as the eyes or mouth. Some oils (particularly those in the citrus family) can cause photosensitivity if used prior to going out in the sun - please check instructions carefully.

  • If you are pregnant or breastfeeding, you should consult your healthcare practitioner prior to using essential oils. As a general guideline, oils should be avoided for the first four months of pregnancy and never used undiluted. Some oils should be avoided during pregnancy: Bay, Basil, Cedar wood, Clary Sage, Comfrey, Cypress, Fennel, Ginger, Hyssop, Jasmine, Juniper, Lemongrass, Marjoram, Melissa, Myrrh, Peppermint, Rose, Rosemary, Sage & Thyme.

  • Children can be particularly affected by essential oils. Some oils should not be used in children under the age of 7, and specific dilution ratios are recommended depending on the essential oil and the age of the child. We recommend consulting an appropriate practitioner prior to using oils on children.