Silhouette Diffuser

Silhouette 500ml Aroma Diffuser BPA Free 2 year warranty at Wellbeing Choices

Trying to create an aromatic atmosphere at home or in the office? Ditch the candles and oil burner in favour of this stylish and efficient essential oil diffuser!

The case of a quickly disappearing scent will now be a thing of the past. The Silhouette puts out a strong mist which spreads the aroma further; and the 500ml tank ensures 15-20 hours of relaxing aromatherapy! How awesome is that? Just fill it with water and add 6-8 drops of pure essential oils.

The Silhouette Diffuser has 7 colour changing LED lights so it looks great day or night. It is also very eye catching with its attractive and quite unusual metal cover. Your safety is our priority so expect to find this little gem equipped with an automatic power shutoff feature on low water.

The buttons will emit a short beep to let you know when you have changed settings, but do not have any annoying lights. If you're looking for a talking piece to go into a large living or combined spaces area, the Silhouette is your perfect choice!


  • Reservoir Size: 500ml
  • Mist Capacity: 35-50ml/hr
  • Running Time: 15-20hrs
  • Lights can be used without mist
  • Variable light or no light settings
  • Ultrasonic Frequency 2.4mHz
  • Auto shut off on low water level
  • No heat used
  • 2 year warranty
  • Noise level is average (~40 to 50 decibels depending on distance and mist level). Best suited for Living spaces.
Silhouette 500ml Aroma Diffuser at Wellbeing Choices guide to buttons and features


Model: PR-120 Silhouette Diffuser
Power Supply: DC24V, 500mA

Silhouette 500ml Aroma Diffuser at Wellbeing Choices

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Great diffuser

Love this diffuser, looks beautiful and lasts a long time

Absolutely Beautiful Diffuser

From the first moment I laid eyes on this Diffuser I knew that it would be PERFECT in whatever house I live in. It has a beautiful design with intricate "wilderness" patterns around it. When the light shines behind it you really notice the detail put into the patterns.
I love that this Diffuser is quite large so you can have it on for longer, and surprisingly the scent of the oils really do seem to linger or longer (which I did not think possibly given how big it is) compared to any other diffuser I have ever used.
There is one thing that you may want to consider before buying and that is that due to the fact it is a bigger capacity, it has a louder hum than a smaller diffuser. I love to use it during the day but I would not be able to use this at night due to the hum. It may just be my sensitive ears but it's definitely something to consider when purchasing.

Overall I LOVE this diffuser and will definitely be buying it as a gift for my essential oil loving friends.