Soul Blend Rollerball DIY Kit

Take control and improve your health and emotional wellbeing!

This kit is ideal for those who are ready to take mood management with essential oils to the next level - by creating your own, personalised Soul Blend. This kit will guide you through steps for personal growth using essential oils. Once you've progressed and are ready for the next stage, you'll again make your own customized "Soul Blend".

What is the Soul Blend Kit all about? 

While moods and emotions let us function normally as human beings, they can also wreak havoc in our professional and personal lives if left unchecked. 

Help master your moods and feelings by harnessing the power of essential oils! This kit is specially developed by Dr. Susan Lawton as a holistic approach to managing your moods by formulating your very own Soul Blend! 

Perfect for the Do-It-Yourselfers, the kit has pretty much everything you need apart from the essential oils and carrier oils. The recipes are all natural and non-toxic and strictly follow the standard 3% dilution ratio for adults. Go ahead and customise your blend to suit your goals or whatever emotional state you're in at the moment!

Our kit includes:

  • Mood Management With Essential Oils Recipe and Information Sheet

  • 1 Sticker Sheet of 10 labels

    What do I need to make the recipes in this kit? 

    The recipes are for 10ml roller bottles and we also suggest getting some 2ml roller bottles for when you're out and about. You will also need a good carrier oil, we recommend getting this Jojoba Oil Organic or Pure Sweet Almond Oil. As for single oils, you will need to have the following on hand, or just click on the hyperlink and add it to your purchase.