The Healing Power of Essential Oils - Eric Zielinski D.C.


So you might have realised by now that you are using toxic things on a daily basis. Perfumes, cleaning products, cosmetics, air fresheners, bug sprays, deodorants, and more. You might have heard too that many people are now switching over to a more natural alternative such as essential oils. You want in on the secret, but where do you even begin?

Well, if an essential oiler can only have one book, this has to be it. The Healing Power of Essential Oils is an evidence-based book that will walk you through the positive effects of essential oils on our physical, mental, and emotional wellbeing.

Learn all about the fundamentals of aromatherapy, recipes that cover everything from hormone imbalance to anxiety, as well as tips on stocking and expanding your medicine cabinet!

If you've ever felt lost from all the conflicting information online and not really sure which essentials oil to use and for what, this book is for you! Use it for an efficient, effective, and safe essential oil exploration!

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It's always a delight to explore the many wonders of each essential oil. However, the vast knowledge and experience required can be somewhat overwhelming for both essential oil beginners and seasoned users.

If you are as flummoxed as a kid in a gigantic lolly shop, we've got just the right handy guide for you! Eric Zielinski, D.C., host of the Essential Oils Revolution summits, wrote a 304-page book detailing how essential oils can change your life when used the right way!

Aptly named The Healing Power of Essential Oils, here's some of what you can expect from this book. 

  • The fundamentals of aromatherapy
  • Basic tools and techniques to get you on your way
  • Stocking your medicine cabinet along with the top 7 oils you should get your hands on from Day 1 
  • A quick-start guide to using essential oils to change your life
  • More than 150 recipes and formulations for restful sleep, reduced inflammation, balanced hormones, improved digestion, increased immunity, and more
  • Recipes for healing, personal care products, around the house, for athlete's use and even your furry friends
  • A special section on women's health containing dozens of formulations for premenstrual syndrome, fertility, pregnancy, labour, postpartum, nursing, candida, autoimmunity, perimenopause, menopause, and post-menopause, 
  • Essential oil blends for balancing hormones, improving immunity, reducing inflammation, and many more

Dimensions: 21.5 and 19.5 cm
Publish Date: 1/06/2018

Here's what people have to say about this book!

“An inspirational read that will enlighten you to the pervasive benefits essential oils embody to your emotional, mental and physical health! No-fluff, cutting-edge and evidence-based, The Healing Power of Essential Oils book systematically debunks common myths and fanciful claims that take the internet by storm. The indispensable truths presented in this book makes it a must-read for every essential oil user.”- Sylla Sheppard-Hanger, CMT, Founder of the Atlantic Institute of Aromatherapy

"I firmly believe that environmental toxins contribute to most chronic diseases today. In his brilliant book, Dr. Z delivers a priceless collection of DIY recipes that will help you detoxify your home, makeover your medicine cabinet, and transform your body care to help you enjoy optimal health!"- Amy Myers, M.D., New York Times bestselling author of The Thyroid Connection and The Autoimmune Solution

"Our ancestor's earliest medicines were all made from the plants in their immediate environment. The Healing Power of Essential Oils blends ancient traditions with cutting-edge science to present a powerful new approach that can help you safely reverse the effects of modern scourges, including depression, chronic stress, and mood disorders." Alan Christianson, N.M.D., New York Times bestselling author of The Adrenal Reset Diet

EO Business Builders

Essential Oil Business Builders

The demand for essential oils has steadily grown over the last few years and so has the number of businesses trying to make it in this industry. Here we share a few tips on how to grow your business beyond family and friends.

Choosing The Right Bottles

There are two main things you have to look out for when choosing the right bottles for your essential oils. They have to be both protective and portable. Clear bottles may look great on bright-coloured oils but can wreak havoc on the quality. To avoid getting your oils spoiled by UV rays before they even reach your customer's hands, your best bet is to go for coloured bottles. Amber and blue bottles do a good job of preserving your oils' aromatic and therapeutic properties.

Next, you have to make sure the bottles are leak-proof and won't break while in transit. And you certainly won't want to lug around oils in huge containers. They have to be small enough for easy transport yet can hold enough oil for your customers to judge whether they like it or not. Smaller bottles in 1ml and 2ml capacity are perfect for giving out samples.

You also want to have your EO accessories of the same high quality as your oils. This means staying far away from plastic bottles and plastic roller balls. We like to use steel roller balls that glide ever so smoothly on the skin and are sure to give your customers a more positive impression.

Getting Your Name Out There

Every EO seller starts by giving samples to friends and family and then hopes to grow their business via word of mouth. While this is a foolproof way to get your name out there, it is quite limiting. Here are a few things you could try to grow your business exponentially:

1. Attend community events.

Be an active member of your community and be in the know when a local event is brewing up. Trade shows, festivals, markets, and concerts generally see a decent amount of foot traffic and are a good opportunity to introduce your brand. Sign up as a vendor and arm yourself with business cards, samples, coupons, and brochures. If you can't afford brochures just yet, just a banner or a display announcing your social media accounts could work wonders in promoting your business.

2. Go beyond community events.

To further grow your client base, start joining bigger events outside your community. A lot of organisations hosting these events normally look for "sponsors" or donations for raffle prizes. It's a great opportunity to get your product and name out there.

3. Hold a class.

A lot of people are interested in essential oils but have no idea exactly where to begin. Tap into this market and hold a class or workshop. Our DIY kits and packs are a fun way to educate people about the many benefits of essential oils!

Go shopping for all the accessories you need to build your dream EO business!