Amber Trigger Spray - Thick Glass Bottle - regular or Canyon Trigger Head

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Have you started to incorporate essential oils into your homemade DIY cleaning solutions? Great! Now, not only will it be just as effective as store-bought solutions, but the pleasing fragrance will also uplift your mood during your scrub sessions!

From household cleaners to air fresheners, have fun experimenting with various cleaning recipes and bottle 'em up with these 240ml or 450ml glass bottles. The dark amber colour protects your homemade recipes against the damaging UV light while the black trigger spray makes cleaning the sink, countertops, windows, toilets and more easy and convenient!

We also offer Canyon Trigger Sprays - these are more suitable for essential oils as they are chemical and oil resistant. They are longer lasting than regular trigger spray heads, and can be used with any 28mm/400 Bottle Necks (i.e. 28mm bottle mouth). The closable twist nozzle enables you to vary the spray from a fine mist to a jet stream. You can buy the Canyon heads with your bottles or separately here.

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Usage & Care

  • Depending on the concentration, essential oils may cause the spraying mechanism to clog. Please experiment with other contents or concentration ratios.
  • Make sure to cut the spray top tube at an ideal angle of 45°.
  • If the spray tip becomes clogged, stiff, or difficult to use, place the tube in warm, soapy water and spray until it clears up. 
  • Try to flush between uses especially when used with essential oils. 

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